We were so thrilled to help our a new client out of Washington, revamp their site to really showcase all the good they’re doing. Vadis‘ mission is to help adults with disabilities and homeless youth find housing and work, and get them involved in the community.

With the ease of the SquareHook tool, they were able to build out pages that went into more detail about what they’re all about.

website editor

Their previous site was hard to access for their team, making their site regularly out of date. With everything going on with the Covid-19 pandemic, they could add the latest news on the home page-informing site visitors of the new changes and regulations to keep everyone safe. Having an out-of-date site can really make you look less credible, and confuse site visitors.

Vadis does utilize donations to help make their mission a reality, so we added a PayPal plugin to their site in a number of places, so it was easy to find and make that contribution.

We’re so happy with how their site turned out, and we know that their team is already so capable of updating and providing the most current information on their site.

If you are looking to revamp or build a site for the first time, contact us! We promise, you will be editing it with very little assistance in no time!