Build it once, clone it everywhere

Does your business need multiple sites for franchises, distributors, or dealers? Or do you have a number of different chapters?  You want the sites the same, and yet different. We can help with that!

SquareHook understands your business. 

That's why we have created a multi-site multiplier for those corporations out there that have franchises or dealers that represent their business. Why build out 100 separate sites that are similar when you can multiply them and make tweaks, accordingly?

We offer the ability for you to not only build a number of sister sites, but the ability to easily manage them all!


You can build one website, multiply it, and customize that site, so it can be relevant for the East Coast office, as well as the other site for your California office.  If you have dealers that span the US, and sell 98% of the same products nationwide, you can alter that 2% that is different- on any one of their sites.

  • Create a company website, and separate it then into smaller divisions that are specific to your business model
  • Create local chapters for dealers, your business franchises, or your distributors
  • Personalize each site, so it is unique, but with original content from your parent site