It Was an Absolute Treat to Make Gonzo’s Candies

There is nothing we love more than building a new site with killer pictures! And when food is involved, that is always a good time! Gonzo’s Candies was a total treat (pun intended) to make!

Bart Gonzales needed a site to sell his yummy sweets and savories. All of his organic treats photographed beautifully, and Bart’s needs were so simple. He just wanted to be able to sell his products online. Done and Done!

We added in his products into our eCommerce tool. He can continue to evolve his inventory offering, by simply adding them into the tool as he produces more good stuff!

He added in his product descriptions, including ingredient list, so customers inquiring could see what his brittle was made with.

Bart now has a gorgeous, mobile site that showcases his business in the best light possible….and we built it in 3 days!  If you’re looking for a unique and tasty gift for that soon-to-be grad, mom or dad, this is the place to order it! ( I personally love the Liberty Wells–who doesn’t dig cashews? )

We made sure to include lots of SHOP NOW or VIEW STORE buttons, to get people where they wanted to go. We know Bart is tickled pink with his new site, and we are just all sorts of pumped too!

If you are looking to build a new site, or looking to redesign, contact us! We create mobile-friendly websites for any budget! Go on-manage your site! Our tool gives you the power to control how people see your business!

City of Toquerville has a new site Ready for the Spring!

We were so happy to upgrade the City of Toquerville’s website. They had some simple needs: adjust their pixilated images, be able to edit it whenever, update new city records, etc. Not only that, they had a specific budget they needed to keep within. We were right there, to give them all their needs, but also keep their costs low.


Our awesome blogging feature was utilized for this site. The Toquerville staff does an amazing job keeping the city resident informed. They have 2 blogs, News Flash page and the Community Events page. We converted their content, and showed them how they can continue to post news and latest happenings.

Not only that, we added an RSS Feed sign up. So whenever a new blog is posted, those who signed up to be notified of new events, they will receive an email, letting them know that Toquerville has a new post. Awesome, right?!


Speaking of events, their previous site had a calendar. So we embedded their Google Calendar to the site. When a city staff member updates their Google Calendar, it automatically updates on the site. No need to update it on the site.


Toquerville has some seriously talented people capturing their beautiful city. We customized their photo gallery, so it filters, based on picture topic. We showed their staff how to tag a photo to go into a category, so when a site visitor hits the photo gallery, they can search through the images. So fun!


We thought it would make their life easier, by adding an Alphabetical
business directory.
Toquerville wants to keep their residents informed
with new and local businesses within their city…especially if those
businesses didn’t have a website. We created an anchor functionality
where if someone goes to the directory, and they know the business they’re searching for
starts with an H, they can select that letter, and be directed straight
down to the businesses that start with H. 


Toquerville’s staff was so pumped that they can easily edit their site, especially when changes happen frequently. They now have the ability to adjust their site whenever, and they have done such a great job already, adding in new gallery images, agendas & minutes, and more.


If you are looking for a great, mobile site, that is also crazy-easy to edit on the fly, contact us. We take on all kinds of website projects; both big and small. 🙂

Arnold Machinery Is Up and Running Great!


Arnold Machinery liked their site, but they didn’t have the accessibility to edit their own site. That is totally frustrating, when you have to make a site change-whether that is a typo change, or adding some new web pages. We helped them do a site conversion, where the site looked pretty dang similar, but now they can edit their site whenever!

AM had a really cool feature on their Locations page, where the map is interactive. 


If someone wants to know where the geographic location covered, they can select a star, the map will show the region the location covered, and what they offer and the contact information,


Arnold Machinery can now add in machines they are selling. They can add and remove their used machinery easily. They use our eCommerce feature to put it their description, add in images, and specs on the machines.


We added a map in the footer where we inputted their locations via latitude and longitude. So no matter what page you are on, you can see all the locations on a nationwide map.


Arnold Machinery is happy that they can edit their site at their leisure, without having to wait for a developer to become available. We walked them through our easy-to-use SquareHook CMS. They can

Not only that, but their site is completely mobile. So when they are meeting with potential clients, they can pull up information on their smartphone.


We are so pleased with how the site turned out, and we hope that Arnold Machinery feels the same. If you have a site that you like, but it isn’t accessible, let us know. We can help convert it to the SquareHook tool, and show you how you can edit it moving forward.

EventLab Showcased Their Talents

We had a serious pleasure working with the team over at EventLab.  Doug and Danny have been visionaries for decades, and they brought their creativity to their new site. We love clients with vision!

They had a great video made by their friends from Cornerstone in place of a scrolling banner.  EventLab wanted scrolling words that represented their business, to let their site visitors know what they were about. 

The EventLab Team was very intentional with their color choice.  They kept imagery and font very clean and simple.  They obviously had incredible visuals that accentuates their contemporary site. 

They didn’t want to overwhelm their readers with too much content, so we made their talking points accordion down if site visitors scrolled over the service icons. It definitely kept their home page more clean and easy to maneuver. 

EventLab has an ever growing gallery of gorgeous work. They can continue to add their imagery into their gallery, and rearrange the order as their projects come to fruition. 

Their potential clients could click on any of the images to get a much grander shot of their work and continue to scroll through the gallery. Because, let’s face it, their images are too beautiful to not show off!

EventLab was very conscious about having their clients contact them if they had questions.  So they had a contact-us feature readily available. The home page has a call to action to be contacted.  We also built out a phone icon on all pages, that when scrolled over their phone number populates.  So there is no question how to contact them. 

This site is, as all of our sites are, completely mobile. When Doug and Danny are meeting with a potential client, they can pull up their phone to talk about their work, or reference something directly. 

We hope they are as happy as this site is beautiful!  We love working with clients who have big ideas and visuals to support it. If you are looking to create an incredible site, we are ready to morph your dreams into reality!  Contact our team at any time. 

We Helped out SundanceTV for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival


As a Utah based company, we were pumped to work on a project for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.

needed a custom WiFi portal to hook visitors up with free wireless
access at the SFF.  We made a custom portal that integrates with the
Unifi Wireless hot spot system that our partner IT company
set up for them. The customized hots pot displays a form that allows
SundanceTV to enroll users to their newsletter and collect analytics. We
were happy to meet their needs, and we’re glad we could assist in this
exciting project!

To all those who attend the festival the next two weeks, enjoy!  And good luck to those nominated!

Industrial Visualizations Has a Knockout Site!

Our team here at SquareHook has worked with some of the team over at iCow, and we were so stoked to work on this custom website for Industrial Visualizations. First of all, their banners are videos–videos of some killer work they do.  We love that videos are now becoming banners! You don’t even want to leave the home page, because the banners are so amazing!

For a company that specializes in live action filming, motion graphics, scriptwriting, voiceovers, music, and live action/animation integration, they knew exactly what they wanted to convey.  We just love that! 


What makes this site all the better?  They have killer images (they do visuals, right?) that really showcase their services and give people an idea of what they can expect.


They have a sweet Portfolio that features their Animation Showreel. They upload their images and videos, so clients can get a quick idea about the talent this team has! 

Industrial Visualizations decided to utilize several great features that
the SquareHook tool offers. They put in a contact form, cause that is
so important for potential clients to get a hold of you.  The form builder
allows you to customize any form, notify any administrator to access
the form submissions, and the tool keeps a database of ALL FORMS that
you can export at any time for marketing purposes. They also will be
using a Portfolio to showcase their visuals. 


To top it all off, this website has a Client Login so their clients can access progress on their projects-totally awesome! Oh, and it’s mobile friendly-cause all sites should be.  We hope they love it as much as we enjoyed making it. Contact us if you’re looking to create a wonderful site.  Contact Industrial Visualizations if you’re looking for some crazy incredible 3D visuals. 🙂

A Custom Back End Made with Ease

We recently developed a back-end for Industrial Pipe and Welding using a combination of SquareHook’s Intranet tool, Knack, and good ole’ JavaScript, HTML, & CSS. Here’s a bit more about our work for them.

What did they need?

IPW went with us for their front end website and chose us to handle their back end as well.
Like many businesses we deal with, IPW relies heavily on efficiently and accurately handled data. They were relying on Excel and traditional office workflows to handle their data and decided they wanted something better. IPW needed a back end that could handle all their data needs. Basically, an interactive web application that can handle things like compliance tracking, employee time sheets, and job summaries for billing.

We made it Easy

The traditional approach to custom back ends involves hiring a team of developers to build something out. They’ll need to set up web server, set up a database, set up a website framework and then work for hours and hours to make it work. We decided to make it easy. We used the SquareHook tool to easily build the website and put it on the web. No laborious server configuration. We used Knack for our database. Everything was set up for us. No tedious database configuration. Since we were able to set up all our framework in under a day, we had more time to spend developing the features and functionality that IPW actually cared about!

Custom Database App

Knack makes database apps easy. We can build things out quickly by using common software development patterns. We don’t need to waste time coding tables. Knack handles that for us. We don’t spend hours writing code for forms. Knack lets us set them up in minutes.


Interested in a Custom Back End?

We’ve got you covered. SquareHook Intranet. Contact us if you’re interested in getting something going!

Article written by one of our rad programming pros, Hayden Shelton, who also built out this sweet custom back end.

SBS Went the Parallax Route

SBS Lending not only works with us for their small business clients, but they came to us with a need for a new website. They had a couple looks in mind, and one of them had a parallax-type styling. What is parallax, you ask?  Parallax site design is when the background of the website moves at a different speed as the rest of the page for a visual effect that allows for countless creative applications for online storytelling.   SBS wanted to do that to get their points across.


We used Clean Canvas as the base for their website. We used several CSS style adjustments to create the visual effect they were going for.  We used simple text boxes to overlay the beautiful stock photography they provided for us.


On their Get Funding page, they made another customize form, using the SquareHook Form Generator. People looking for business funding can fill out this form, and the form will go directly to whomever was assigned as form recipient…not only that, but the SquareHook tool keeps a database of all form submissions, so you can reference previous messages or export the submissions into a list–for marketing purposes, or whatever!


They didn’t want too much on anything other than the home page.  That makes sense–one goal of a home page is the create immediate interest for a site visitor. It should have the benefits mentioned–why you should patron this business, calls to action (SO IMPORTANT) all of which SBS had on their home page.

If you are looking to wow your clients/future customers, contact us!  We love to help create awesome websites for SquareHook users.

The Travel Group Makes It Easy to Hit Your Next Trip


They offer so many services, we added some icons to separate and simplify thoughts on the Entertainment page. 


The Corporate Travel page used some photographs for backgrounds.  To add backgrounds, you can adjust your row settings by select the cog icon:


There you can adjust your setting and assign an image.  The result was fun, and added interest to the page.


The mobile-friendly functionality of this website allows site visitors the ease of search and everything is easy to read and view–it is so important.  Sometimes we don’t think about that, but it is SO frustrating to get to a site on your smartphone and you have to pinch and zoom.  The Travel Group doesn’t have to worry about frustrated site users. EVERY SquareHook website is easy to view on any device.


If you want to create a website for your new or existing business, we are here to assist.  We offer free training, and help to those looking to get started on your website. Contact us today for more information.

Mastercraft Just Mastered the Mobile Website

Mastercraft Sports Flooring came to us with a desire to update their family owned flooring installation business website. They loved the look of one of their partners, Connor Sports; and wanted to have a similar look, but customized to their logo and coloring. It was such a pleasure to help them up-the-anty with a new site for the new season!

We added in their client work into a photo Gallery page. They had tons of beautiful images of East Coast Universities, high schools, and non-profits.  Our portfolio feature allows any site creator the ability to add in images, descriptions about the image, and it is clickable so you can see a close up shot.

Our sweet editor allows you to customize any page, to make content more interesting, but adjusting colors, adding imagery, video . On their Gym Maintenance page and About Us page, they did just that!

Their site is completely mobile-friendly!  Their potential clients can view their site via smartphone, desktop, or tablet. They don’t have to worry about people having issues reading content or viewing images of their client work.

If you’re looking to create, update, or innovate your website, we can help!  We love getting our creative juices flowing. Contact us today to get started.  We help clients and new SquareHook users alike.  We show you how to create and manage your own website.