Corda Rope Sandals Built Their eCommerce Site With SquareHook

Our eCommerce functionality is just awesome!  We are super fans of how easy it is to set up your store and build out your site.  One of our latest clients-Corda Rope Sandals was looking to switch over from their Shopify store.  With the booming success of Hoodie Love’s simple/gorgeous/clean theme, we took inspiration to help owner Dustin build out his website.


The Corda owner wanted to keep his website pretty basic, and very self explanatory.  His pages really just consisted of text and imagery for the most part, with calls to action on every page to buy.


Corda’s about page included a explanation video, which you can easily add with our SquareHook editor tool. You can add any YouTube or Vimeo video, by just pasting in the url.


Corda’s store turned out great!  Simple, clean, easy to checkout.  The store cart pops above all the pages, so you don’t lose your spot while perusing the site. You can access your cart whenever you’d like-which makes for an excellent user experience!


Oh, and did we mention this site is completely mobile friendly?!  You and your friends can go buy your own awesome pair of rope sandals straight from a smart phone!


If you’re looking to build your eCommerce website (pst! The holidays are just around the corner!)  Contact us, or start building your own mobile-friendly website today!  We’ll have you up and running before Cyber Monday!

SPOOTACULAR Quick Help Will Help You Build and Edit Your Site

We are pretty much tickled pink to share our latest edition to the SquareHook Platform!


We have added a sweet Quick Help that walks you through basic additions to your site–editing pages, setting up your store, and finally, going LIVE!  It is located at the top middle of the SquareHook editor.

Learn how to walk through steps that you may not have thought of, and have pictures that illustrate just how you can make those changes. 


In some of our previous posts, we have shared some our latest videos! These Help Videos that walk through certain website topics!  Learn more about:

Check them out for some extra help when building and editing your site!

Of course, our team here at SquareHook is always ready to help you work on your website.  We also have a really great Help website and Help Guide to walk you through steps you may be forgetting. 🙂 Contact us with questions!

Let’s Start a Website Building Discussion, and Get You Rewarded!

Creating a website is easy with the right training and your continued feedback on our SquareHook Tool.

If you have set up your website, have you been editing it?  Is your site ready to go?  Or has it been a while since you’ve played with it?  With all the summer vacations coming to end, are you ready to buckle down and get your site ready? Are you a little rusty with your site? Don’t worry, we can help you with that!   And we’re looking for some help too.

We have recently begun working with Wasatch Purchasing Group, and we want to reward our wonderful SquareHook users for their feedback.  We are always updating and upgrading the tool, so you can have THE BEST experience possible!

If you fill out this survey, we will send you a Retail Connect card that offers substantially discounted prices on the stuff you need at home, the office, or back to school from Office Max.  We’ll take your feedback to improve your experience on the tool.  And always remember, there is a green FEEDBACK tab on the right had side of the SquareHook Editor that you can fill out at any time to leave us a comment.

If you want to get your website up and running, we offer free in-house training for anyone looking to get their site up and launched.  Just contact us at 801-386-9828.  Or shoot us an email at [email protected]  We’d love to walk you through the SquareHook tool so you become an expert at maintaining your site!

Blogging! That’s What It’s All About!

We are blogging, you people out there are blogging!  But with that you may have to go through a lot of bells and whistles to get your thoughts out there.  Or perhaps, your current website building tool doesn’t have a blogging feature, so you have to use another blogging tool elsewhere and you have to integrate it somehow.   That stinks!  So the inconvenience of separate blogging just wouldn’t be worth it to you.

Don’t let that stop you!  Blogging is  a great solution to increase traffic to your site, you can inform site visitors of your product/service offering, and improve your SEO-for FREE!  We certainly love free stuff, and improved online search rankings is well worth a bit of time!

We have the solution for you!  The SquareHook tool has a really great options for blogging!  Just add a new page, and select the blogging option.  Here you will enter in whatever blog title you’d like.



SquareHook creates three options to integrate a blog into a website.  Clients can embed an existing Blogger account, a Tumblr account, or clients can create a blog using our SquareHook blog tool. Clients can quickly and easily add and edit blog posts right in our tool.


You can easily add posts in the SquareHook tool. You are required to title the blogpost in order to publish the posting.


You can tag your article for SEO purposes too!  You can also schedule out your post, so you can build up your blog supply and post them on a specific date.  Of course, you can back post your articles as well. 🙂


The SquareHook tool let’s you start building your site for free!  Get started today!  Get your blog setup and get going!  Or, if that is too much work-we can do that all for you too!  We’ll get your site and blog all setup and we’ll get you off and running. Contact us!