Sugar House Farmer’s Market is Now Local and On the Interwebs!

We love working with local clients, and we were even more thrilled to help out the Sugar House Farmer’s Market because one of the board members took our SquareHook Website Building course last spring. #yeahbrad

They were fans of Gonzo’s Candy site we recently finished, so we hooked them up with the Clean Canvas theme as well. They had a new fun logo, and a great color palette to work with, so it was a breeze putting this site together.


The Board really wanted to inform site visitors who they could potentially work with, so on the About Us page, we added both the Board and recognized some pivotal volunteers that are apart of the SHFM. Our tool works great for them, because as more people join the board/volunteers or as members step down, they can go in and edit it on their own!


Volunteers are obviously needed for a non-profit, so SHFM made it a point to be sure to inform site visitors of volunteer positions/roles available and answered some faqs on their Volunteer page.


Speaking of FAQs, the SHFM constantly gets the same questions from inquisitors, so they thought a Frequently Asked Questions page, could save them a lot of headaches, and confused farmer’s market attendees. We added an accordion feature, so the content didn’t overwhelm with too much. People can click on the question they want answered, and avoid having to be bombarded with info they don’t want to see.


SHFM gets lots of wonderful Vendors to sell at the market. But some people may not be able to attend a market day, and pick up what they wanted, from that certain vendor. The Market teamed up with Famer’s Market Direct, so people can actually buy something online, from that favorite vendor.  Kinda cool, huh?

We also added in a form for people to inquire about becoming a vendor. So SHFM can now highlight a different vendor every week with their new Vendor of the Week Blog-to drum up some excitement and showcase who will be at the market!

What about people who were on a stroll and decided they wanted to visit the Farmer’s Market?

This site is completely mobile, and there is a Google Map that can
actually guide you straight to the park, to pick up that special
something! 🙂

We think their site is fantastic! The more images and people they get involved in their market, the more they can showcase it on their site!  We loved how it turned out, and hope they find it super user-friendly too.

Contact us if you are ready to make your business site mobile-and easier to maintain!

It Was an Absolute Treat to Make Gonzo’s Candies

There is nothing we love more than building a new site with killer pictures! And when food is involved, that is always a good time! Gonzo’s Candies was a total treat (pun intended) to make!

Bart Gonzales needed a site to sell his yummy sweets and savories. All of his organic treats photographed beautifully, and Bart’s needs were so simple. He just wanted to be able to sell his products online. Done and Done!

We added in his products into our eCommerce tool. He can continue to evolve his inventory offering, by simply adding them into the tool as he produces more good stuff!

He added in his product descriptions, including ingredient list, so customers inquiring could see what his brittle was made with.

Bart now has a gorgeous, mobile site that showcases his business in the best light possible….and we built it in 3 days!  If you’re looking for a unique and tasty gift for that soon-to-be grad, mom or dad, this is the place to order it! ( I personally love the Liberty Wells–who doesn’t dig cashews? )

We made sure to include lots of SHOP NOW or VIEW STORE buttons, to get people where they wanted to go. We know Bart is tickled pink with his new site, and we are just all sorts of pumped too!

If you are looking to build a new site, or looking to redesign, contact us! We create mobile-friendly websites for any budget! Go on-manage your site! Our tool gives you the power to control how people see your business!

We’re Thankful for eCommerce! Help Support Small Businesses This Shopping Season!


We’re proud of our eCommerce, and the clients who use it!
On Saturday, November 29th, shop small businesses, to keep local businesses going!


We pride ourselves on our amazing eCommerce feature on the SquareHook tool. It allows people to sell their products and services easily.  Buyers can even purchase and checkout directly on their smartphone! With the biggest shopping time upon us, be sure to patron your neighboring businesses to keep them going. November 29th is Small Business Saturday…and lest we forget Cyber Monday on December 1st.

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