It Was an Absolute Treat to Make Gonzo’s Candies

There is nothing we love more than building a new site with killer pictures! And when food is involved, that is always a good time! Gonzo’s Candies was a total treat (pun intended) to make!

Bart Gonzales needed a site to sell his yummy sweets and savories. All of his organic treats photographed beautifully, and Bart’s needs were so simple. He just wanted to be able to sell his products online. Done and Done!

We added in his products into our eCommerce tool. He can continue to evolve his inventory offering, by simply adding them into the tool as he produces more good stuff!

He added in his product descriptions, including ingredient list, so customers inquiring could see what his brittle was made with.

Bart now has a gorgeous, mobile site that showcases his business in the best light possible….and we built it in 3 days!  If you’re looking for a unique and tasty gift for that soon-to-be grad, mom or dad, this is the place to order it! ( I personally love the Liberty Wells–who doesn’t dig cashews? )

We made sure to include lots of SHOP NOW or VIEW STORE buttons, to get people where they wanted to go. We know Bart is tickled pink with his new site, and we are just all sorts of pumped too!

If you are looking to build a new site, or looking to redesign, contact us! We create mobile-friendly websites for any budget! Go on-manage your site! Our tool gives you the power to control how people see your business!

We Answered the SOS for Machinery Consultants

Machinery Consultants came to us in a panic.  Their site was seriously malfunctioning, and needed help rebuilding it-FAST!  Long story short, we swooped in to assist.  We knocked out a pretty sweet site for them that they can edit at their leisure.


Their top priority was to have their Used Machines page updated with their entire inventory. Luckily, our eCommerce feature made it easy us to put in their 70+ listed machines.  They could tag  the products, based on machine type or manufacturer.  We created a filtering feature that allowed users to narrow down their search.


On the individual product page, we embedded their YouTube videos and specs.  Anyone working in the eCommerce tool can add any number of tabs to differentiate the product.  The eCommerce feature also has a rotating carousel, where they can add as many images as they’d like.


Machinery Consultants wanted to add an image gallery of previously sold machines.  They can add in images at their leisure. Anyone could add a description of the product and users can select a picture to learn more.

They even integrated a blog to showcase their monthly specials.  That way, their clients can peruse easily before calling Machinery Consultants to discuss a machine.

Now their staff can continue to grow their site as their inventory grows, and remove products as they are sold. Awesome!

If you have a site that needs a quick re-haul, looking to build one from scratch, or do a site conversion-we are your source! We love to offer free help to those independent site builder too!  Contact us for help!

DCWV’s Beautiful Products Deserve a Beautiful Site!

We have been so ecstatic to brag about one of our recent site launches.  DCWV wanted to do a complete website overhaul with the launch of their new products they’re promoting at JoAnn Fabric & Craft Store.  They saw some of our other killer client work and we were fortunate enough to revamp their website.


They kept their navigation simple, because the real work for our team was adding in all of their terrific products into the site and making the search functionality work great. Luckily, our eCommerce tool allowed us the ability to add their products quickly and easily. 


The navigation pages were inspired by a Pintrest design-style.  And guess what folks?  It is totally working for them!  No matter what size thumbnail pictures were added, they products stack in a fun and interesting way!


When users click on an individual page, the product image and all of its features are immediately brought up. DCWV created multiple category tabs, so when a crafter was investigating a specific product/project, they see what supplies are needed, the directions for the product, tips, and more are available!


The SquareHook tool is so great for so many reasons,  one of them is that our eCommerce product pages allow you to duplicate a page, which allows for stores with lots of products (DCWV being on of those clients) the ability to quickly add/edit to populate their product listing.


And can we brag about the DCWV blog for a second?! It looks SO fun! The blog works the exact same as most blogging tools out there, but we styled it so the visual DCWV followers can search based on topics or just by the fun imagery of the craft projects.  We also styled the social media along the side of the blog, so site visitors can post directly to Pintrest, Facebook, or Instagram if they want. 🙂


We also incorporated a great video page to showcase products they make using their gorgeous paper stack products. Our team made this page function in that the DCWV staff just needs to upload their videos directly to their YouTube channel, and the videos show up real-time into their video page.  Talk about a time saver!


This site has it all, beauty, functionality, and it is completely mobile-friendly. With all Die Cuts With a View has to offer the eyeballs in this site, we made the mobile version fun too! The menu pops up from the side of the hamburger button. Just a little extra design element.


Their very qualified team is now editing and adding daily to their SquareHook website.  They are creating and scheduling blog posts, populating new products as their creative team knocks out fun new ideas and more!  We couldn’t be more stocked to show this site off.

If you’re looking to seriously update your website to showcase your business products/services in the best light possible, contact our highly qualified team.  We can help!

We’re Taking a Look Back at SquareHook Over 2014

2014 has been our best year yet, here at SquareHook!  As we have grown and expanded, so has our reputation and product offering.

We have been working away, you may say comparable to Santa’s Workshop elves.  We have been GOING!  We have added tons of incredible features to the tool this year.  We can’t even believe how much we’ve improved the SquareHook CMS in just one year.

We wanted to share with you some of our product highlights, and features that have grown and expanded over this year!


Our team has been hard at work testing, developing, and testing some more to get our eCommerce piece out there to the masses this year. We’ve seen many incredible SquareHook stores’ traffic explode as shoppers flock to their online stores already.  What does the creation of our new eCommerce mean to you, our SquareHook clients?

  • You can easily add an unlimited number of products with different variations, depending on what you’re store is offering.
  • Our website builder has it all—do it yourself capabilities, along with the eCommerce functionality.
  • Your site visitors have an even easier shopping experience-both on desktop, and more importantly, on mobile!
  • You will save money on payment processing, by avoiding some expensive processing companies out there.  We have a number of different payment processing options for you to choose from!

HELP Book and New HELP Videos

As we are constantly updating our feature list on our website, we have a lot of new secrets to making your site the best it can be!
Our team has put together an all inclusive help book to assist you in your website creation journey.  In it, you can learn everything there is to know about adding images, content, hyperlinks, duplicating pages, adding videos, embedding or creating a blog from scratch!  It is a great supplemental tool to assist anyone when they may be stuck.
And, as always, our help website is here as a supplemental tool for you as well.    We’ve also had to remake our How-To videos to make it easier for our clients to follow along while they build their website.


We just recently built this into our tool, for larger businesses that really need it for their company and employees. With our Intranet, you can customize a page, as to whether or not a certain role can access it or not. You can assign users (employees for example) to a role, like HR, Admin, or Employee. 

What’s different from using SquareHook for an Intranet vs using a home grown internet?  Our tool is ready to go.  You can create your companies intranet and be up and running now.  You can control access and build your intranet with all the power of a content management system.  You can also customize and adjust information, charts, table and communication without a programmer.  

In addition to an company intranet, you can have a customer intranet.  With our e-commerce engine you can even create a unique shopping experience for customers.  You can provide a platform for discounts easily. 


Earlier this year we added SEO customization under Page Settings in the Editor.  Clients can easily add Focus Keywords, SEO Titles, and meta descriptions for EVERY page within your website.  We added a new Alt Tag functionality you can add to your images….all of it improve your SEO search!  You’re welcome.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!  We are excited to see what 2015 has in store!!

We’re Thankful for eCommerce! Help Support Small Businesses This Shopping Season!


We’re proud of our eCommerce, and the clients who use it!
On Saturday, November 29th, shop small businesses, to keep local businesses going!


We pride ourselves on our amazing eCommerce feature on the SquareHook tool. It allows people to sell their products and services easily.  Buyers can even purchase and checkout directly on their smartphone! With the biggest shopping time upon us, be sure to patron your neighboring businesses to keep them going. November 29th is Small Business Saturday…and lest we forget Cyber Monday on December 1st.

If you’re drawing a blank on a great gift, here are just a few clients that use our eCommerce tool to sell their incredible products!  Check them out:


Hoodie Love

Shop for comfort and style at Hoodie Love this season.  Find the perfect gift for that perfect someone!


Pa’s Candy Co.

Buy local, yummy sweets from Pa’s Candy for your friends, neighbors, and co-workers!


Audio Grenade

Share the gift of sound with an Audio Grenade. Use it outside, in your dorm room, in the kitchen, these vibration speakers will give you the ultimate audio experience.



Give BOOM to the fitness fan in your life!  BOOM sells great energy powder that boosts your immune system and gives you that much needed energy!
What makes shopping even easier?  Doing it directly online!  But remember, keep those local businesses in mind when you whip out your credit card!

Corda Rope Sandals Built Their eCommerce Site With SquareHook

Our eCommerce functionality is just awesome!  We are super fans of how easy it is to set up your store and build out your site.  One of our latest clients-Corda Rope Sandals was looking to switch over from their Shopify store.  With the booming success of Hoodie Love’s simple/gorgeous/clean theme, we took inspiration to help owner Dustin build out his website.


The Corda owner wanted to keep his website pretty basic, and very self explanatory.  His pages really just consisted of text and imagery for the most part, with calls to action on every page to buy.


Corda’s about page included a explanation video, which you can easily add with our SquareHook editor tool. You can add any YouTube or Vimeo video, by just pasting in the url.


Corda’s store turned out great!  Simple, clean, easy to checkout.  The store cart pops above all the pages, so you don’t lose your spot while perusing the site. You can access your cart whenever you’d like-which makes for an excellent user experience!


Oh, and did we mention this site is completely mobile friendly?!  You and your friends can go buy your own awesome pair of rope sandals straight from a smart phone!


If you’re looking to build your eCommerce website (pst! The holidays are just around the corner!)  Contact us, or start building your own mobile-friendly website today!  We’ll have you up and running before Cyber Monday!

Our Newest Template Gotham Is Ultra Versatile

We are absolutely in love with our theme Love.  We knew the possibilities were endless when we came up with this theme, and our developers saw an opportunity to give people a very exciting, yet simple, dark theme….enter Gotham.


One of our favorite things we love about this theme is how easily you can change the coloring out to make a completely different looking website. You just go into the DESIGNER section and adjust your settings!

This can become…

This!  In just a couple clicks

Our tool is pretty rad, and this theme is just beautiful, in our opinion!  One of our most recent clients Resolute Pest Control uses it, and we think their very simple site looks great, on both desktop AND mobile!

Start building your mobile-responsive website today!  Our themes just continue to keep getting better and better and easier to create! Contact us if you have more questions about how to start with one of our gorgeous templates to get your website live today!

BOOM! They Have an eCommerce Website

Jason, from Boom! Power Rush came to us with a request-build an eCommerce website for sell 1 product-Boom Power Rush powder, but in 5 different flavors.  We knew our LOVE Theme was great-simple, featured a sharp looking store, and super clean.


It was easy to put in their logo and coloring to fit their product offering!  BOOM! really wanted to get to the point, so there wasn’t too much content put in, other than a little bit about the product itself.

The store features 5 different products, and a variety pack. 

Adding information to their store is super easy, so if BOOM decides to add another flavor to the store down the road, they can make those adjustments in their store.


People can easily add their items and they can access their shopping cart without ever leaving the page they were currently on!  The cart will pop up from the top, so you can see what is in your cart for a quick refresher. 

We know that site visitor’s user experience is going to be awesome!  This store looks great on a mobile device as well as on a desktop computer.   If you’re thinking of setting up a an eCommerce store to begin selling your products, let us know!  We would love to help you out.  Contact us at 801-386-9828 to get started.

Building eCommerce On Your Site is Easy As Pie

Who doesn’t love a well made dessert?  The only thing we can think of that could beat something deliciously tasty, is building a store that is easy as pie, itself.


Our eCommerce tool is super easy and basic for anyone looking to build an online store. Just adjust your STORE SETTINGS, and you can add products, setup billing, process payments, offer coupon discounts for promotional deals, and much more!


Easily add products to your store, by selecting the +Add Product button.


Populate information on your product by adding in content, putting your product in categories, add variations including color/size/style/etc.


Setup your billing so you can receive payments.  You can connect through Stripe,, or USAePay. It’s up to you!


Add custom rates, or let USPS calculate the price of your shipping for you.


Add coupons or discounts-choose whether or not to discount based on % off or $ amount. You can add an expiration date (to limit the use of your discount) and you can limit the number of people that can take advantage of your promotion.



A store of your products AND


An easy to peruse store that allows shoppers to check out your product with ease.


You have a shopping cart that show above any page, so your shoppers don’t have to lose out on their shopping experience to check out their cart.

Some of the latest website users enjoying our eCommerce include:

Learn more about our eCommece feature, by visiting our site. Contact us if you’d like to setup a store today!

Hoodie Love: a New eCommerce Website On the SquareHook Platform

We just love this client’s website!  Hoodie Love was created by JannMarie because 1) she’s an amazing seamstress/designer 2) she wanted people to be comfy and be fashionable in their clothes.   Insert SquareHook’s latest product offering: SquareHook eCommerce, and you have a recipe for an incredible website for everyone!

Her style and design was easy to showcase with a very clean layout, that truly promoted her clothes in the best possible way!  On her homepage alone, you are able to view her look-book, locate her social media, sale items, link right to the store, and view her Indiegogo video. Phewf!  That’s a lot, and yet it doesn’t look overwhelming in any way.image

JannMarie wanted to showcase the great products in her Fall 2014 catalog, so she used our rad portfolio tool to create her look book.

Portfolio Tool:


Becomes THIS:


Adding products into an eCommerce store, is super easy.  You can quickly add and edit your products by selecting the item, or +Add Product.


Hoodie Love’s store is clean, easy to navigate, and really just plain self explanatory!  You don’t have to worry about finding what you’re looking for with our stellar store!  As the user scrolls and hovers, there will be an explanation of the cost, and name of the product.


You can add as many variations to your products, including style, size, color, etc. 


Our store feature is extra amazing because the store is available to view on ANY PAGE, so you don’t get redirected to the store.  You can stay right where you are to see what is in your cart!

Oh, did we mention it was mobile?  Cause you can search, buy, and checkout-right on your smartphone!


If you’re looking to get an eCommerce website that offers mobile functionality and easy-to-add-products, we are a great solution to make that happen!  If you’d like some help putting together, contact us.  We’re happy to help!