A New Dental That’s Sure to Make You Smile

We are so happy to see Clearwater Family Dental is now live, ready for their grand opening coming soon!

They wanted to make sure their site was super informative, but easy to consume. The contemporary site styling is so clean-just like their gorgeous new building.

We built out the base and they filled in the content that was important to them. Their staff was trained on the SquareHook tool to easily add new text and imagery at their leisure.

They wanted to make sure if was really clear how to get a hold of them, so their contact us page has both a custom form (that they can edit at any time)  They can also export their form submissions to use for marketing and promotions. 

We are so happy with how their site turned out!  If you are looking to build out a site that fits your needs, contact us!

Recovering An Old Gem

When our client Italian Family Tree reached out to us recently, they were hoping for a mini miracle. They had take a step back from their business. They hadn’t used their site in several years, and their site had lapsed.  

We were able to recover their old site off Way Back Machine, which to them was such a surprise. WBM is such a fabulous tool to help people get old information back from long ago. They couldn’t remember what was on their site, lost all their old files on an old computer, so they thought they had to start completely over .We can’t always find old sites in full, but when we do, it is such a help. We lucked out, grabbing some content from their old site. 

We built their tool with one of our great templates, and adjusted it with new imagery, that was relevant to their business. We walked them through editing their site, so they can adjust their site at their leisure. 

They were so thrilled that their new site was mobile friendly, and not in Times New Roman. 🙂 We’re glad we could help!

A Truly Delectable Site

We had a great time working with Vice President Joe, to make this site. He wanted to create the base of the site on his own, and we came in to add some additional features to give that WOW factor. 

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Retrailia is Ready for 2017!

We had a great time putting together Retrailia, formerly Camperworld’s new site. We had lots of opportunity to get creative and to provide lots of information to members and potential members. It never hurts to have killer images to make a site look stellar!

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Let Us Give Your Site a Nip & Tuck!

We are advocates for change–change in color, font, and often times, design. We like anybody, understands to stay competitive, you have to be a forward thinker.  Especially with technology changing and evolving so quickly. To get the best response from your clients, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. We have been working with the wonderful people at Sport Court for several years now, and have worked one on one with their individual dealers across the United States as well.

They came to us with a new request: help them update their dealer site template, so they can apply it across the dealers.


We worked along side the EKR Agency to get the visuals the way Sport Court wanted. We just loved what they wanted to capture–clean, straight forward, way less text (everyone loves more pictures, and less text on a site!) all while using the SquareHook tool to build it out-AND to keep the individual dealers in mind! Sport Court West was the dealer who was ready to make the change, and change they did!


Using the Drag and Drop Editor, we were able to add in the beautiful visuals, along with the content, so dealers can easily customize their site so it is specific to them!  Obviously, west coast sport dealers sell more putting greens, while the east coast definitely has the market for roller sports/ice hockey.  We needed the template to be universal enough that the site was uniform, but with the customization function for each dealer to showcase sport court flooring they designed and installed.

We can go in and train each dealer how to customize their site with new content, bios, and images to make sure their site is special to them, all while having Sport Court’s seal of approval!

The Gallery is probably one of our favorite features. People aren’t going to make such an investment without doing a little research, and that includes checking out the merchandise!

The Gallery lets you search based on sport/family/facility. From there you can continue to filter your search! You can go ahead and Pin that sport court if you like- add it to your DREAM HOME Board. 🙂

The BEST part, is on the dealers’ side. SC Dealers can upload their latest images, and add in the filtering right there-just add the keywords in! The SH editor does all the hard work for them. So the filtering is a total dream!

The Form Builder is also wonderful!  They can collect the information that is critical to make a connection with an inquiring client! So clean and crisp!

The mobile version is SO NICE!  It is so basic, it makes the user experience extra fantastic!  They do say to keep it simple, and simple is just perfect in this case!

We hope Sport Court West loves their new site as we do!  We know that they will adore the ease of use of the SquareHook tool, and the customization options that are at their fingertips!

Contact us if you are interested in a little business website nip/tuck. We PROMISE, a seriously good looking website is something we take seriously, and so will your clients!

Incredible Visuals Make for a Stunning Site

Our great friends over at Impatient Cow are completely dominating the visual world. They specialize in animation, 3D Technology, video, illustration and more for your company’s needs. They are so amazing, they are specializing into different fields.  They created a stellar site, Industrial Visualizations a while back, to cater to those companies in engineering, transportation, and public safety fields. 

They have another field they work with, and that is the medical field. When you go visit a medical professional these days, you stumble onto visuals that inform you. That is exactly what they do, and they complete illustrated this in their newest site, Vizidyne Medical.


Vizidyne Medical IS THE EXPERT in their field, and they have the experience to back it up!  Their About Us page not only highlights their background, but they showcase incredible photos to showcase the technologies they use to make these incredible visuals.


Using the SquareHook Portfolio, they can upload their work and potential clients can check out their work. It is amazing! They can upload a YouTube or Vimeo video that pulls into a really attractive grid–AND it saves on storage space! 🙂


Vizidyne nailed it on the head when they put together this site. Their visuals are fantastic!  Obviously, they know creative, and they have made their site both informative and beautiful! It makes us feel so awesome, knowing they took the lead and created this site on their own, using our easy website editor.


Vizidyne clearly needs a call to action–and that is to start a conversation about a client project. They utilized the SquareHook Form Builder to add a form to their contact page, so their team can quickly and easily reach out to these potential clients, after an inquiry.

We love the side bar menu pops from the side, on a smart phone-which allows you to continue to enjoy seeing the site, while you peruse the mobile menu!  We just love it!


We were so happy that Vizidyne Medical wanted to use our tool again to create yet ANOTHER gorgeous site. If you have a site you’d like to redo/upgrade, contact us!  We are here to help you showcase your business in the best light possible!

If you are looking to get some crazy real/detailed assets for your medical group, contact them–we don’t know how to do that. 🙂

We Did a Mini Facelift to the Pardner’s Plumbing site

We are so thrilled to be sharing a post of a recent website we finished for Pardner’s Plumbing. Brenda came to us, with a desire to update not only their site, but their logo.


We work with one of the most talented graphic designers around, Ai, who was ready to help out. Here is a shot of of their previous logo. They have used it for decades now, and wanted a little update.


After working with the people over at Pardner’s the last few weeks, they have a a new logo!


They wanted to incorporate the green and the tans into their new site. Pardner’s wanted to keep the look of the site similar to that of their previous site, but with a little more fresh, and of course, with updated content. 🙂


We love the upgrade; and hope they are happy with their new logo and their new site too! They can get on their site, at any time, to add content, or adjust information!  They don’t have to wait for a developer to change that phone number or social media link. They have the control to manage their site.

And come on! This mobile site looks great!


If you find yourself wanting to upgrade your site or logo, contact us! We can hook you up with a new look!

City of Toquerville has a new site Ready for the Spring!

We were so happy to upgrade the City of Toquerville’s website. They had some simple needs: adjust their pixilated images, be able to edit it whenever, update new city records, etc. Not only that, they had a specific budget they needed to keep within. We were right there, to give them all their needs, but also keep their costs low.


Our awesome blogging feature was utilized for this site. The Toquerville staff does an amazing job keeping the city resident informed. They have 2 blogs, News Flash page and the Community Events page. We converted their content, and showed them how they can continue to post news and latest happenings.

Not only that, we added an RSS Feed sign up. So whenever a new blog is posted, those who signed up to be notified of new events, they will receive an email, letting them know that Toquerville has a new post. Awesome, right?!


Speaking of events, their previous site had a calendar. So we embedded their Google Calendar to the site. When a city staff member updates their Google Calendar, it automatically updates on the site. No need to update it on the site.


Toquerville has some seriously talented people capturing their beautiful city. We customized their photo gallery, so it filters, based on picture topic. We showed their staff how to tag a photo to go into a category, so when a site visitor hits the photo gallery, they can search through the images. So fun!


We thought it would make their life easier, by adding an Alphabetical
business directory.
Toquerville wants to keep their residents informed
with new and local businesses within their city…especially if those
businesses didn’t have a website. We created an anchor functionality
where if someone goes to the directory, and they know the business they’re searching for
starts with an H, they can select that letter, and be directed straight
down to the businesses that start with H. 


Toquerville’s staff was so pumped that they can easily edit their site, especially when changes happen frequently. They now have the ability to adjust their site whenever, and they have done such a great job already, adding in new gallery images, agendas & minutes, and more.


If you are looking for a great, mobile site, that is also crazy-easy to edit on the fly, contact us. We take on all kinds of website projects; both big and small. 🙂

Arnold Machinery Is Up and Running Great!


Arnold Machinery liked their site, but they didn’t have the accessibility to edit their own site. That is totally frustrating, when you have to make a site change-whether that is a typo change, or adding some new web pages. We helped them do a site conversion, where the site looked pretty dang similar, but now they can edit their site whenever!

AM had a really cool feature on their Locations page, where the map is interactive. 


If someone wants to know where the geographic location covered, they can select a star, the map will show the region the location covered, and what they offer and the contact information,


Arnold Machinery can now add in machines they are selling. They can add and remove their used machinery easily. They use our eCommerce feature to put it their description, add in images, and specs on the machines.


We added a map in the footer where we inputted their locations via latitude and longitude. So no matter what page you are on, you can see all the locations on a nationwide map.


Arnold Machinery is happy that they can edit their site at their leisure, without having to wait for a developer to become available. We walked them through our easy-to-use SquareHook CMS. They can

Not only that, but their site is completely mobile. So when they are meeting with potential clients, they can pull up information on their smartphone.


We are so pleased with how the site turned out, and we hope that Arnold Machinery feels the same. If you have a site that you like, but it isn’t accessible, let us know. We can help convert it to the SquareHook tool, and show you how you can edit it moving forward.

SBS Went the Parallax Route

SBS Lending not only works with us for their small business clients, but they came to us with a need for a new website. They had a couple looks in mind, and one of them had a parallax-type styling. What is parallax, you ask?  Parallax site design is when the background of the website moves at a different speed as the rest of the page for a visual effect that allows for countless creative applications for online storytelling.   SBS wanted to do that to get their points across.


We used Clean Canvas as the base for their website. We used several CSS style adjustments to create the visual effect they were going for.  We used simple text boxes to overlay the beautiful stock photography they provided for us.


On their Get Funding page, they made another customize form, using the SquareHook Form Generator. People looking for business funding can fill out this form, and the form will go directly to whomever was assigned as form recipient…not only that, but the SquareHook tool keeps a database of all form submissions, so you can reference previous messages or export the submissions into a list–for marketing purposes, or whatever!


They didn’t want too much on anything other than the home page.  That makes sense–one goal of a home page is the create immediate interest for a site visitor. It should have the benefits mentioned–why you should patron this business, calls to action (SO IMPORTANT) all of which SBS had on their home page.

If you are looking to wow your clients/future customers, contact us!  We love to help create awesome websites for SquareHook users.