Google Analytics-the What’s What of Tracking

We had the great pleasure of hearing from Kyle Gray this last Wednesday at our Meetup.  Kyle runs a small firm that was started in Foundry Utah that helps tune websites and increase their sales/leads/opt-ins and overall usability with split tests and Analytics.

Kyle brought a wealth of information to us.  Here is the awesome link to his outline for analytics awesomeness.

Thanks to all who attended!  And as always, if you’re interested in hearing what new meetup events are happening with SquareHook, check out our Meetup Group.

Mobile Functionality Is At the Foundry

We had the great opportunity to create the Foundry Utah website.  The Foundry hits close to home because we were born there. Our journey began in 2012 when our CEO joined the Foundry to discuss potential business ideas with like minded entrepreneurs.


When there was mention about developing a website for Foundry Utah through the University of Utah website, we jumped at the chance.  We knew that they needed their site to be developed through WordPress, and we needed to incorporate the look and feel of the University of Utah into the site.   With our knowledge base of WordPress, we believed we were up for the task!  But we knew that many struggle with the functionality of WordPress, so we incorporated some of our SquareHook CMS software to achieve the some of the features Foundry Utah wanted, including making their site responsive and completely mobile friendly.


Foundry members really wanted to incorporate all their videos from YouTube, so we created their own custom videos page, labelled Foundry TV.  Their site visitors have the ability to search a topic and view playlists.

All of the site was custom designed by our talented visuals team.  There were lots of fun elements that were incorporated in the site. image

Not only were all the graphics custom, but our very talented photographer captured all the images on the site as well and integrated them into ever changing banners-with the models in the photos being Foundry Members/Alumni/Mentors and locations being around Salt Lake City. 


We were so pleased that we could incorporate our tool features to make their site that much easier to manage and edit!

If you are looking for assistance on your website, contact us!