We Cloned a Site, and Customized it to Fit the Client’s Needs!

We are so flattered when we have a repeat customer. It tells us that they are really happy with their site/our services, so they want to come back for more! And to those clients that keep coming back, we say Thank You! The owners of Life Bridge Kids came to us to build a site similar to their child psychiatric practice website, but this time have the new site catered to adults.


Life Bridge told us that the SquareHook Editor was SUPER easy for them to edit and they wanted a site that looked just like their existing one, with some new information and customized graphics. We told them, no problem!  We actually used our site cloning feature to not only save us time to create a similar site, but it saved them money too! (win win for everyone!) Tada! We have Life Bridge Nevada!

We pulled in our talented graphic designer, Ai, to take some of Life Bridge’s stock images, and tailored them to be specific to them, and their marketing campaign. (a little bit of customization goes a LONG way)


Obviously, with this practice being different than their child clinic, they have different questions clients may have before making an appointment. So we put new content into an awesome accordion FAQs page.  With so many questions, we don’t want a site visitor to be overwhelmed with content. Accordions are so great for FAQs with so many Q&A’s.


Our tool is so awesome, where you can hyperlink as many links as you’d like (and that is always great for SEO, linking to other reputable websites) On their Resource Page, we took out child-related links, and added in additional resources that are helpful for adults.


Look how great the mobile version looks!  We are just smitten with the Wharton Theme overall, but we’ve added a custom header feature from our Dodgeball Theme (you can have the best of both worlds, if you want it!) and with the colors and visuals for Life Bridge Adults, it makes for the perfect combination for this site.

We’re so tickled that Life Bridge is happy with their second site, and we look forward to working on more sites for them!  If you are interested in having sibling sites (sites with a VERY similar look) Contact Us!  We want to make your life easier!

We Made Graphics to Customize the Hallenburg Communications Website

A friend of ours came to us, wanting to create a website that truly showcased her talents.  Kari Hallenburg has over 30 years of professional writing, editing, and project management experience.  She wanted a site that would display her abilities, but wasn’t boring either. She enlisted SquareHook and our talented Creative Director, Ai. 

We thought the MEASURE THEME would be a fantastic option to showcase Kari and Hallenburg Communcations.  


We added some fun rotating banners with imagery that reflected her specialties.

The imagery really stood out on this site.


We love our Portfolio feature, and it looks stellar on this website!

Portfolio In the SquareHook Tool


Portfolio, front end view


Kari is a rockstar at editing her site!  Which is great cause she edits content for a living. Whenever she wants to update and make changes to her webpages, she can-24/7.

If you’re looking to upgrade your website, whether that be through custom programming or graphics that are specific to you, contact us!  We will make the Internet blush when they visit your site ‘cause it’s so amazing!

Fonts, from a professional Graphic Designer’s perspective.

Early on in my graphic design career, I was designing items for the static end.  I rarely had to consider fonts.  The only thing that mattered was having the font on the computer in front of me, and my worry would stop there.  Along the way, I’ve learned there is a lot more to consider when it comes to fonts. This spans from the media the font is intended for, how widely it will be used, and for what period of time. Our focus in this article will be on fonts ideal for websites.

Different mediums to consider: (courtesy of fontsquirrel.com)

Commercial Desktop Use – Create commercial graphics and documents.

@font-face Embedding – Embed the font in your websites with CSS.

Ebooks and PDFs – Embed font in eBooks and portable documents.

Applications – Embed font in applications and software.

The font for your site is typically changed in the CSS section of the site. Depending on your platform, the CSS is accessible in a variety of ways.

Fontsquirrel offers a web font generator that allows you to convert most fonts into a web font for use online.

Consider why it’s important to know about your font:

  • How will it look on other browsers? 
  • How much will this font end up costing? Is it limited to desktop publishing, or can it be used in web publishing? Does your license restrict you from sharing your font with clients if required?
  • Reliability: An improperly created truetype font can potentially crash your computer. Using a subscription service, or purchasing from a reputable source typically shields you from the dangers of an incorrectly executed font.
  • When choosing your font, considering how the font will look on large and small screens while keeping aesthetic qualities, clarity, and loading times in mind.


Googlefonts focuses on webfonts

Google fonts provides “hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the web.” Why is this important? A low cost/ free font can save a good deal of money in the long run. Google fonts are a benefit as you can keep a clear eye on loading times, as well as cross bowser compatibility. There’s also a good deal of handy information about the current use of a particular font on a global scale

FontSquirrel.com– focuses on commercial-use fonts

Dafont.com– focus appears to be on personal use, donation base. There are a large number of commercial use fonts available. 

myfonts.com a subscription-based service. Fonts.com Web Fonts offers a variety of plans to accommodate all budgets and all traffic levels, including a free plan.

Adobe Webfonts (through Adobe type kit) a subscription is paid to access a number of high profile, professionally created fonts “that have been carefully developed to look great on screens and easily deployed on websites.”

With Creative Cloud updates, soon the fonts will be able to sync with Adobe products on desktop.

Edgewebfonts the free subsidiary of Adobe Webfonts


The League of Moveable Type



Typewonder.com- lets you test out web fonts on an existing published site.- Really amazing tool for test-driving fonts.      

Myfonts/WhatTheFont- Need a font identified?  This tool is great!