We Love Making Sites Mobile


We can’t really think of anything we love more than to take a good looking site and make it mobile friendly!  We recently had the opportunity to work with Primary Care Alliance to do just that!


We kept the clean look and feel pretty much the same as their previous site, with a couple new upgrades. Using the Wharton Theme, we were able to mirror a great deal of the features they had on their old site, including the right sidebar on every page.

On PCA’s previous Frequently Asked Questions page, site visitors had to scroll through a number of pages to get through all the questions.



We decided to create an accordion feature that displayed all the questions at once, and you could get the answers to the questions you were interested in. Their FAQ page now, is much more straight forward.



PCA told us one complaint they had was that they received a lot of spam form submissions. With our awesome Form Building Feature, we were able to add a captcha to their Contact page, as well as their Request More Info page.


And now, to the mobile functionality. Every site built on the SquareHook CMS is a mobile friendly site. Check out what PCA site visitors were losing as the screen size changed:


Things were getting cut off. Not good. Now check out how lovely their new site looks on a minimized screen!


We have trained the PCA staff, so they can continue editing/upgrading their site, on their time. They don’t have to wait for a developer to get a hold of them to add a new page, or replace out an image. Having that control, can make your business unstoppable! 

Contact us, if you’re looking to do just that, or if you’re looking for some guidance on your site. We are here to help!

We Helped out SundanceTV for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival


As a Utah based company, we were pumped to work on a project for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.

needed a custom WiFi portal to hook visitors up with free wireless
access at the SFF.  We made a custom portal that integrates with the
Unifi Wireless hot spot system that our partner IT company
set up for them. The customized hots pot displays a form that allows
SundanceTV to enroll users to their newsletter and collect analytics. We
were happy to meet their needs, and we’re glad we could assist in this
exciting project!

To all those who attend the festival the next two weeks, enjoy!  And good luck to those nominated!

GBI Got a New Look For 2015

Great Basin came to us with an interesting challenge….they liked their old site, overall. But they wanted some things that everyone should have–mobile functionality and the ability to add content and imagery themselves.  So we took some elements they liked on their own website, then improved upon the site to make it mobile friendly on any device.

Home Page BEFORE


Home Page AFTER


They wanted to put a large emphasis on the GBI photo gallery.  Our portfolio feature, which is available to any SquareHook user was utilized in this website. 



We did involve our programmers to customize a side bar to make their gallery search that much easier.  We grouped their industries and products to simplify a site visitors search. 



We wanted to make sure their SEO wouldn’t go away, so we did a 301 redirect of their pages, to ensure that users and search engines are directed to the correct page as before.


GBI works with many organization and industries.  There was lots of logo uploads.  And we wanted to make sure there were ALT tags on all the images.  Our image upload feature allows people to add a title, alt tag, and a click through option on any image.  It’s an easy way to sneak in some SEO.


We referenced GBI’s previous page’s meta descriptions and were able to take them and add them into our SEO feature, under PAGES SETTINGS. The can edit those Meta Descriptions or Focus Keywords whenever they wantimage

There mobile website looks great, and the flash image continues to be viewable, even on a smartphone. 


If you LIKE your website, but want to LOVE your website, we are here to help!  Contact us to discuss your website!

Looking For a Website Update For the New Year? We Can Help

An up and coming author here in Utah put together their website using SquareHook last year.  RuthAnne Snow wanted her site really basic, with a little teaser for her book.

When GOTHAM was released, RuthAnne decided to switch up her CLEAN CANVAS Theme for one of our latest templates.  She played around with her colors in the designer to find a look she was into.

We helped her add some fun icons to make her navigation more fun/self explanatory, and viola!

Because RuthAnne had a blog LONG before she created a website, she integrated her Blogspot blog…because guess what?  You can do that on our tool.  And it looks flawless!  She can keep on blogging on Blogspot as she has done for the last 4 years, and whenever she adds a new post, it will automatically update into her website. That’s pretty neat. 

Her site has a new fresh face for 2015, when her book will be released -talk about perfect timing!  And her site is so much fun on a smart phone.

If you want to switch out one template for another one, you can easily do it in the DESIGNER section in our editor. Here’s some step by step help for you to follow if you’d like. 🙂  Or, as always, contact us!  We’d love to walk you through giving your site a new look for the new year!

Does Your Website Have Intranet?

Everyone has access to the Internet, right?  But what about Intranet?  Wait….there’s a difference?  We can all agree that the names should have been slightly different, as to not confuse the masses, but what are you gonna do?

Let’s explain first, what an Intranet is.  It is a network belonging specifically to an organization or company, that is only accessible by it’s internal employees, members, or other administration.  It can look just like any ol’ website, but it has a security surrounding it, protecting others from accessing it.  So let’s say, your company has a website, but there is a special area you can log into, where you can access your pay stubs, company policies, etc–that is an INTRANET. 

Intranets are great because you’re able to share information amongst a certain group (like a company).  Oh, and it is more secure. That’s always nice.

We just recently built this into our tool, for larger businesses that really need it for their company and employees.


You can customize a page, as to whether or not a certain role can access it or not. You can assign users (employees for example) to a role, like HR, Admin, or Employee.


What’s different from using SquareHook for an Intranet vs using a home grown internet?  Our tool is ready to go.  You can create your companies intranet and be up and running now.  You can control access and build your intranet with all the power of a content management system.  You can also customize and adjust information, charts, table and communication without a programmer.  

In addition to an company intranet, you can have a customer intranet.  With our e-commerce engine you can even create a unique shopping experience for customers.  You can provide a platform for discounts easily.  

Basically, we’re saying if you’re looking for a functionality custom to your company/work, we have a fabulous solution for you!  Contact us if you’d like to learn more about customizing your website!

Students Can and SHOULD Build Their ePortfolios With SquareHook!

We know a lot of colleges and universities are now requiring ePortfolios for their students.  Why?  Because they are hoping that student portfolios becomes more than a collection of resources, assignments, or demonstrations.  Schools are hoping that it can become a great source for students to share work and ideas, receive feedback, and in a way be a source for career preparation and a way to document successes and credentials.

We wanted to share an ePortfolio we stumbled upon, from one of our SquareHook users.  We asked his permission to share his ePortfolio-as it was simple and clean, it gave a good idea as to what you can do to showcase yourself and your work.

Brian chose to use the INVERSE theme to build his ePortfolio for his courses at SLCC. He wanted to keep the design simple, so he could showcase a bit about himself and his background:


For his Coursework page, he needed to add his submitted final projects for his semester courses. He chose to use a table within a text square to make that happen.  He added file icons that were click-able to site visitors (in this case, his professors that would be visiting his portfolio to access his homework):


He added a Linked Page to make his current resume accessible.  He was able to do that, and add his coursework assignments in by uploading them into his Files, then copying the URLs to link them off:


And finally, he added a simple contact page, for people to get a hold of him.  He linked both his emails as well as created a contact form for people to get in touch with him.


We think Brian’s new ePortfolio is a great start to illustrate what he can do with our CMS tool, as well a great way to showcase himself and his background.  We certainly encourage students out there to give our CMS a try when building their college ePortfolios!  Contact us at 801-386-9828 if you would like assistance in putting yours together!  And remember, building something like this is FREE for you to use. 🙂  Try it out today!

Our Newest Template Gotham Is Ultra Versatile

We are absolutely in love with our theme Love.  We knew the possibilities were endless when we came up with this theme, and our developers saw an opportunity to give people a very exciting, yet simple, dark theme….enter Gotham.


One of our favorite things we love about this theme is how easily you can change the coloring out to make a completely different looking website. You just go into the DESIGNER section and adjust your settings!

This can become…

This!  In just a couple clicks

Our tool is pretty rad, and this theme is just beautiful, in our opinion!  One of our most recent clients Resolute Pest Control uses it, and we think their very simple site looks great, on both desktop AND mobile!

Start building your mobile-responsive website today!  Our themes just continue to keep getting better and better and easier to create! Contact us if you have more questions about how to start with one of our gorgeous templates to get your website live today!

Customizing Websites Is Easy With the SquareHook Website Builder!

Our clients over at Utah Pain Relief Institute had a fun challenge for us.  Their vision of what they wanted their site to look like was truly a test of what our tool can do! They wanted a certain look and feel that could be converted into a website that looked great on a mobile device.

We added a sidebar drop down as their secondary navigation to the left, so the background images could be showed off, and make the user experience a little easier to navigate.  We also incorporated images into the background.

Editing the site is easy with our column row editor.  You can select the arrows to move right or left of up or down.  It is a great way to quickly move your content and imagery around to where you’d like it.



They have a number of locations, so laying it out in our editor was easy.  The team over at UPRI can edit their contact page whenever-if they every have to add a new location, or tweak an address if they moved locations.  They of course, have a form they created on their tool so they can receive inquiries from curious site visitors.

Their site looks super great on mobile as well, with a unique right aligned menu.  We’re really pleased with the end site we created for this medical practice.

If you’re interested in giving your website a little face lift, we’re up for the task!  Contact us to see what we can do for you!  Or get started today, building your own amazing mobile website!

Breaking News: Website Theme Yoko CAN DO ANYTHING!


The more we spotlight some of our websites, the more we are like, ‘daaaaaaang!’ Our Yoko theme is way popular amongst our SquareHook team and our clients.  We’ve used it for painters, landscapers, snocone huts, exercise equipment company, and more!


YOKO’s simplicity makes it really easy to adjust and style to suit your needs.  After showing web samples and discussing the look and feel for Las Vegas business RoadHouse Seats, it was pretty clear that YOKO would be a great contender. 

Because their seats are made in America, RHS definitely wanted a look that gave that vibe.  They provided a distressed flag image that they wanted to use as their background image.  Because our tool is so easy to manage, they could easily down the road (road?!?, get it-Road House Seats!) switch it out for a different image or go with a solid background color.

They also wanted to have their logo smack dab in the middle, with a centered navigation-blam, easy change.

On their previous site, they had a small store with biking accessories.  We created a shop for them with our great eCommerce feature.


Another Yoko themed success! 

After completing their promotional site, we provided hands on training so their team could feel confident editing their own website.  So they are off running, or biking in this case. 🙂

If you’re thinking about putting together a sit of your own, check out our other fantastic themes here, to assist your decision on your site’s look and feel.  And contact us if you have questions about the tool or our free website promotion!