From Google to Apps-Mobile Search Is Beginning to Pivot


With the growth of smartphone and tablet users, comes the surge of apps and mobiles sites.   Why is it growing so rampantly? you may be asking.

With all the perks of promotional advertising, we see users clicking through to collect their reward; and it is growing fast!  With the growth of smartphones and tablets comes an increase in the user knowledge of the owners of theses devices.  They are seeing the benefits of both.  Instead of hitting a local search engine, users are alternatively searching apps to find their answers.

Just 2 years ago, Google owned over 80 percent of the $2.24 billion dollar mobile search market, and dropped nearly 20 percent since last year-and is expected to once again decline by the end of 2014.   Other competitors include their fellow search engines Bing and Yahoo, and popular apps Yelp, Shazam, and Kayak.

But what is driving such a large change?  Mobile advertising is certainly a large influencer.  More money than ever is being pushed into mobile advertising, which influences how businesses spend their marketing dollars.  We can certainly say that we have seen an ad or two while playing Angry Birds or Quizup.  Even on apps you get ads for other apps to provide you with what you need. 

As many good marketers can tell you-Knowledge isn’t free anymore.  When you’re paying for that knowledge through your app purchases, those apps will now through more money into advertising elsewhere. 

If you’re looking to get in on the changing mobile search trend, and want to build an application for your business to increase your clientele, contact our parent company Leuly!  Of if you’re looking to make sure your website is mobile, contact us!

Late Night Shuttles Attracts Their Clients On Their Smartphones-Good Thing They Have a Mobile Site

Since beginning our website promotion back in the fall, we have had some really great reception, so we have decided to continue doing it for those who want a beautiful website that looks killer on mobile!  With a hosting subscription, we’re building out client’s websites for FREE in the promotion.  Clients can customize any one of our dozens of themes, integrate social media, make it completely mobile-friendly, and organize their content simply and easily!

Website Spotlight: Late Night Shuttles

Our lovely client Jen, was looking for something really simple but with a little funk to it.  She didn’t want too much going on, because her main focus was to make sure everything was very clear to her clients on mobile-people looking for a safe ride, after a night out….enter YOKO Theme.


We worked with her to incorporate a calendar of local events and incorporating the Club Habits logos in the footer.


This site certainly looks great on a smart phone-which was so key for this website.  It was a really quick turn around, less than 1 week.  Plus, Jen has been able to edit and maintain her site since, if there are new events and happening with Late Night Shuttles.

Check out our site to view all of our template options.

How Does Social Media Affect Your Web Presence?

I have a proposition for you… Go to any crowded place, a restaurant, coffee-shop, shopping mall or the public library. Now, I am not
encouraging you to stare, but just glance at the people around you? What do you see them doing?

They most likely don’t have a newspaper in their hand. I am willing to bet they have their faces directed at some sort of illuminated screen.
Faces everywhere glued to smartphones, tablets and laptops. They are becoming as necessary to people as clothing. To leave home without them would be like going out naked. This is no revelation and by no means a new phenomenon, I am just hoping that you realize what a vast potential clientele you could be reaching by tapping into the social media platforms that are constantly at people’s fingertips.

Did you know that people with smartphones are checking their facebook on average of 14 times per day? The world is becoming connected in a way the human race has never understood. We know about each others lives, hear the news right as it’s happening and discover new products and services based on an algorithm of things we “like.”

So, as a business owner or trying to promote your company, it would be archaic not to tap into social platforms.

But how should you get started and how do you reach your market on social-media?

Although it may seem daunting at first, social media platforms are so successful because of their ease of use. Most sites you can create an
account, fill out just a few fields of information and you’re up and running. But.. before you run off to create your Pinterest account, it is important to consider your demographics.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What do I want my customers (or potential customers) to learn about my company when they see me online?
  • What do I want them to do with my content?

Some businesses may benefit from a call-to-action that links viewers directly to the website. Other businesses may benefit from others sharing their social content. Depending on what you are hoping to accomplish, there might be a social media platform that caters to your clients needs.

Now, most marketing experts recommend every business create a Facebook page. Facebook is the most widely viewed social platform. But what other social media platforms are being utilized and what for?

Here is a link to some great figures that are really interesting and reveal just how much people are using some of the most popular
platforms of social media.

After looking at this information you will get an idea of the scope of what those illuminated faces are viewing on their screens.

Anyways folks, I hope you enjoy and have a great day! I gotta go…Check my status! I think I have a new “Like”