We Absolutely LOVE Do-It-Your-Selfers!

We always get the warm fuzzies when we see people building their own sites out with the SquareHook Tool. So we had to share! Dallas owns a Carbon Cleaning Distributor Center here in Utah. He used our Flattern Theme.

He got to use all the assets from Carbon Cleaning’s website, which makes putting a site together SO MUCH easier. 🙂

Dallas did reach out to us with a couple questions regarding some styling issues he was having. We jumped at the opportunity to help out!  That’s what we do here at SquareHook. We are around to assist you, if you are building out your site. Sometimes, you need a helping hand. Contact us!

Check out that mobile site!  Gorgeous! Every website on the SquareHook tool looks great on any device. Think, this could be your business/personal site! #daretodream

From Google to Apps-Mobile Search Is Beginning to Pivot


With the growth of smartphone and tablet users, comes the surge of apps and mobiles sites.   Why is it growing so rampantly? you may be asking.

With all the perks of promotional advertising, we see users clicking through to collect their reward; and it is growing fast!  With the growth of smartphones and tablets comes an increase in the user knowledge of the owners of theses devices.  They are seeing the benefits of both.  Instead of hitting a local search engine, users are alternatively searching apps to find their answers.

Just 2 years ago, Google owned over 80 percent of the $2.24 billion dollar mobile search market, and dropped nearly 20 percent since last year-and is expected to once again decline by the end of 2014.   Other competitors include their fellow search engines Bing and Yahoo, and popular apps Yelp, Shazam, and Kayak.

But what is driving such a large change?  Mobile advertising is certainly a large influencer.  More money than ever is being pushed into mobile advertising, which influences how businesses spend their marketing dollars.  We can certainly say that we have seen an ad or two while playing Angry Birds or Quizup.  Even on apps you get ads for other apps to provide you with what you need. 

As many good marketers can tell you-Knowledge isn’t free anymore.  When you’re paying for that knowledge through your app purchases, those apps will now through more money into advertising elsewhere. 

If you’re looking to get in on the changing mobile search trend, and want to build an application for your business to increase your clientele, contact our parent company Leuly!  Of if you’re looking to make sure your website is mobile, contact us!

Out Latest Website: Poutine Your Mouth

Some really rad people we met at Foundry Utah came to us with their business, and asked us to create a site that was as fun-loving and unique as their business.  We were completely stoked to help them out!

Jen and Ted have built their own food truck that offers a number of delicious poutine dishes.  They aren’t just selling poutine though.  They are selling a concept.  They wanted their site playful and fun, like their business idea, while being able to inform their followers of their whereabouts.

Poutine Your Mouth had a really fun and colorful logo that was our inspiration with the color palette for this site.  The PYM team provided us with great visuals that made it even easier to make this site good looking. We distressed the images and added screws to convey the mechanical home made nuts and bolts concept

Our graphic design team did some really images for the background.  They had some blueprints of their Poutine Food Truck that we incorporated that really brought in the mechanical design.  We threw in some fun accents to all their food shots as well.


We embedded their Google calendar, so Jen and Ted can add and remove events that their food truck will be at, so their followers can track them down for a bite.


And the best part? It’s mobile!  So their clients can find them on the go!  If someone has a hankering for some poutine, they just have to pull out their smart phone to know where Poutine Your Mouth is, and walk/drive there.

We’re so excited with the creativity and playfulness of Poutine Your Mouth!  Can’t wait to try some ourselves!

Contact us if you are looking to get your site mobile or customized to fit your needs. Email or call us at 801-386-9828