BOOM! They Have an eCommerce Website

Jason, from Boom! Power Rush came to us with a request-build an eCommerce website for sell 1 product-Boom Power Rush powder, but in 5 different flavors.  We knew our LOVE Theme was great-simple, featured a sharp looking store, and super clean.


It was easy to put in their logo and coloring to fit their product offering!  BOOM! really wanted to get to the point, so there wasn’t too much content put in, other than a little bit about the product itself.

The store features 5 different products, and a variety pack. 

Adding information to their store is super easy, so if BOOM decides to add another flavor to the store down the road, they can make those adjustments in their store.


People can easily add their items and they can access their shopping cart without ever leaving the page they were currently on!  The cart will pop up from the top, so you can see what is in your cart for a quick refresher. 

We know that site visitor’s user experience is going to be awesome!  This store looks great on a mobile device as well as on a desktop computer.   If you’re thinking of setting up a an eCommerce store to begin selling your products, let us know!  We would love to help you out.  Contact us at 801-386-9828 to get started.

Hoodie Love: a New eCommerce Website On the SquareHook Platform

We just love this client’s website!  Hoodie Love was created by JannMarie because 1) she’s an amazing seamstress/designer 2) she wanted people to be comfy and be fashionable in their clothes.   Insert SquareHook’s latest product offering: SquareHook eCommerce, and you have a recipe for an incredible website for everyone!

Her style and design was easy to showcase with a very clean layout, that truly promoted her clothes in the best possible way!  On her homepage alone, you are able to view her look-book, locate her social media, sale items, link right to the store, and view her Indiegogo video. Phewf!  That’s a lot, and yet it doesn’t look overwhelming in any way.image

JannMarie wanted to showcase the great products in her Fall 2014 catalog, so she used our rad portfolio tool to create her look book.

Portfolio Tool:


Becomes THIS:


Adding products into an eCommerce store, is super easy.  You can quickly add and edit your products by selecting the item, or +Add Product.


Hoodie Love’s store is clean, easy to navigate, and really just plain self explanatory!  You don’t have to worry about finding what you’re looking for with our stellar store!  As the user scrolls and hovers, there will be an explanation of the cost, and name of the product.


You can add as many variations to your products, including style, size, color, etc. 


Our store feature is extra amazing because the store is available to view on ANY PAGE, so you don’t get redirected to the store.  You can stay right where you are to see what is in your cart!

Oh, did we mention it was mobile?  Cause you can search, buy, and checkout-right on your smartphone!


If you’re looking to get an eCommerce website that offers mobile functionality and easy-to-add-products, we are a great solution to make that happen!  If you’d like some help putting together, contact us.  We’re happy to help!

Happy Birthday America! Live THE AMERICAN DREAM-Build Your Own Business


We’re Here to Help You Get Your Store Online and Mobile
We’ve built our eCommerce store builder with every user in mind. You don’t have to have a technical background to create a fantastic online store.

We provide you with the tools you need to get your online business setup-right now!  Your store will not just be online, but completely mobile.  When you choose SquareHook eCommerce, you are choosing a completely new and BETTER experience for your store visitors.  They can sit back, relax, shop, and checkout-straight from any mobile device. Their cart will never leave the page, even if they leave to view other products-making it an even better shopping experience for them. 



We help you identify your loyal customers!  Check out your repeat clients so you can reward them with discounts, promotions, or early bird deals. Our customer integration feature allows you to take those lovely clients and export them whenever you like-so you can add them to your newsletter list.



Customize and Setup Shipping.
Add as many shipping rates as you’d like. Use USPS to get your orders fulfilled today.  

Add a dropship fulfillment center if you use a provider to fulfill your business orders.  Enter in their information, and we’ll send orders over to them to get processed.


Receive payments through Stripe,, or get setup a merchant services account. They purchase today, and get paid as soon as you fulfill that order.

Learn more about what the SquareHook eCommerce is all about. Find out more HERE  Or contact us if you have questions about setting up your epic online store!