We Wanted to Go Beyond for Above & Beyond Travel

Susi from Above & Beyond Travel came to us, hoping to update her business’ website.  They had a nice site before, but they wanted it mobile and they wanted it to be easy to edit, whenever.


Along with PIK2AR, Above & Beyond took advantage of our previous website promotion.  We basically put together their site by transferring content over and put it together using one of our awesome themes. We decided to try out the INVERSE THEME this time!


Above & Beyond Travels had incredible imagery-sunsets, beaches, food, island scenes, it was super easy to make this site super enticing!  The About Us page was just one of their many beautiful pages.


Because we have such a stellar form building feature, we put together their Employment Page. They can continue to add more questions and edit the employment form. You can even customize where the form is sent to. You can assign the email recipient.


We were able to incorporate our rad e-Commerce piece to this website.  They sell a t-shirt and beautiful shell rings and they can easily add additional products.


The mobile website is AWESOME!  It’s so easy for someone to navigate this site on their smartphone.

We hope Susi and her team at Above & Beyond Travel love their website as much as we loved putting it together for them!  If you want to take advantage of our newest promotion, contact us!  We’d love to help you out!

Start Off the New Year With a New Website!!


One of our latest clients took advantage of our promotional website before it ended, and they had a site liked and wanted to mirror. She put all her trust in us to make this site happen.  After checking out what Jodie wanted to emulate, we knew right away that the LOVE THEME would be the perfect contender. 


We made a couple design adjustments to the theme to create it!  Hair stylist Jodie wanted a clean, organized website that got straight to the point. Jodie wanted to introduce herself and showcase her background.


Jodie wanted to let people know that she accepted client bookings, so we linked potential clients right over to her booking signups. We did this with both a link, and a click-able button.


This mobile version is fantastic, and the social media links have been enlarged.  That way, people can immediately check out Jodie’s latest client photos, social media updates, and promotions by selecting any icon.


We are stoked about how rad and sleek this site turned out. If you’re interested in taking advantage our mad skills, whether that be help in building or a one on one training, contact us!

Wednesday Web Design Spotlight-Chris Wharton Law Firm

We’re pumped to discuss this week’s website spotlight with our online readers. One reason is because this site looks great, and the other reason is this client is a great friend and champion of SquareHook and our tool.

We began a website promotion, and we have had some really great reception with it, and have decided to continue it.  With the promotion, we are building out client’s websites for FREE with a hosting subscription.  Clients can customize any one of our dozens of themes, integrate social media, make it completely mobile friendly, and organize their content simply and easily! 

We’d like to spotlight one of our promotional websites every week, so you all can get a glance at what our awesome themes are capable of!  While building up our stock photos, we asked Chris to take some professional photos potential theme imagery…..and so the WHARTON THEME was born!

We were so inspired by the imagery we captured, we wanted to incorporate it into one of our clean, professional themes.  When creating this template, we wanted to keep it very white, so content would be a large focus.  With a two-toned accented site, it added some depth without being unprofessional.

Chris loved this inspired template, and we decided to use the Wharton theme for his law firm website.  When putting together his website, he wanted to make sure we had a ‘free consultation’ button on every page.  So we added a yellow click through button throughout his site that directed to the contact page.  The footer of this theme was programmed with another contact request form that populates when the arrow icon is clicked:

He also wanted to keep updating his site visitors with relevant information, so we incorporated a blogging tool that he can easily add a new post whenever he wants.

We have been so pleased with the versatility of the Wharton Theme for many of our professional clients.  They have been able to change the colors of the theme, to completely transform their website.

We at SquareHook were pumped with the result of this site, and it totally matches the client! 

To see any of our beautiful themes, click HERE