A New, Smart Site for a Talented Artist

One of our current clients reached out to us to create a personal site for his side business and passion. He is showcasing at Sundance, Park City, Utah this winter, and wanted to have an online presence immediately-to make available for patrons to view his work.

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OWCAP Just Got a Website Makeover

OWCAP needed some serious love on their website. Their old website was built waaaaay back in the day, and they wanted their site mobile, editable, and attractive. 


We thought Inverse would be a nice theme that we could customize to suit their needs. And customize we did! 🙂


The Home page incorporated a carousel (yep, you can add a rotating carousel with our Add a Square feature) where they can add pictures as their content changes.  Any user can add a carousel to their website.

OWCAP provides a substantial number of files for people to access.  Our file upload feature allows people to add and link files for their site visitors to access.


We incorporated the files uploaded into table charts on the sidebar. The information is organized so it’s easy for them to

OWCAP has some pretty awesome partners that help make families and individuals become more self sufficient.  We wanted them to be showcased at all times, so we added a great rotating feature near the footer, that the OWCAP team can continue to add upon as their sponsors grow.


They of course, work with a diverse group of people, so we integrated a Google Translate feature in the header.  This allows people access the information they need, in the language they can understand.

Contact Us if you’re looking to update your website, or you’re hoping to get some assistance while you build your own website-using the SquareHook tool.

If You’re Talented & Want to Share That-You Need to Be Found Online!

One of our latest websites was sure fun and quick to throw together.  Susan recently joined our most awesome new 10-Week Training Course.  She was also putting together a website for a client, musician Andru Markel.  Susan had some questions about putting the site together, and as always, we are super happy to help!  Andru needed a sleak site to show off his talent, and we think we assisted in delivery!


They were hoping to get a large picture of Andru on the main page, and what better theme to use than Chakra Dark?


Susan wanted to keep this simple pretty straight forward–show off the handsome Andru, share his music, and make it available to get his first album online.   We had this!


We incorporated a video channel, by integrating a smidgen of code, and ripping his YouTube Channel link.  So when Andru or his team uploaded a new video to YouTube, his website will automatically adjust with the changes.

Our eCommerce tool was a fantastic way to get his album up for purchase.  While he continues to produce music and memorabilia, his team can continue to easily add products to his store.

We certainly believe this site is a great one to represent the taste and maturity he is offering the music world. And if he music style changes over time, so can his site.

If you’re building a website, and looking for some direction, we can help!  Contact us for assistance or free training.  We love to make website dreams come true!

Our Newest Template Gotham Is Ultra Versatile

We are absolutely in love with our theme Love.  We knew the possibilities were endless when we came up with this theme, and our developers saw an opportunity to give people a very exciting, yet simple, dark theme….enter Gotham.


One of our favorite things we love about this theme is how easily you can change the coloring out to make a completely different looking website. You just go into the DESIGNER section and adjust your settings!

This can become…

This!  In just a couple clicks

Our tool is pretty rad, and this theme is just beautiful, in our opinion!  One of our most recent clients Resolute Pest Control uses it, and we think their very simple site looks great, on both desktop AND mobile!

Start building your mobile-responsive website today!  Our themes just continue to keep getting better and better and easier to create! Contact us if you have more questions about how to start with one of our gorgeous templates to get your website live today!

Get Found On GOOGLE and BING Easier With Our SEO Functionality!

Our SquareHook tool is awesome!  We have a killer FREE feature that allows our clients to put in their own SEO, and customize any and every webpage they have—making it easier for website visitors to find you!

Check out our brief How-To video HERE

Under the PAGE SETTINGS, you can adjust your SEO settings.  You can populate Focus Keywords, and add a meta description.  A meta description is a brief synopsis of what you would find on that specific web page.


A search engine will recognize and display these explanations, and reward you for customizing your site with more details=higher rankings=more people find your site easier!

We also have a nifty function where you can add an image Alt Tag to any image found on your site. Which again, is a benefit to your website and your rankings.


Once you have built out your site, you can go in and set up you free SEO in your SquareHook website.

You’re Welcome! 

Stay tuned for more basic how-to features we offer!

Get a Free Website: Basin Industries Did!

Our free website promotion has been a big hit for local small business owners.  Why?  Because you can get a great looking site that functions like an expensive custom-programmed site.   As we often say, “YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. YOU DESERVE IT ALL.”


Basin Industries had a pretty basic Wix website, but they were unhappy with the look and feel, so they contacted us.  Their needs were simple, and we knew that using the DODGEBALL template would suite their needs great!


Our editor made it super easy for them to move their imagery and content around, especially with our new rows/columns functionality.  You can select arrows to move right or left and up or down to switch out square placement.


With our easy to edit page editor, they can go in and add additional metals to their Metals Page and tweak information, restyle the color boxes (if their company colors change) and edit or add content.



On their contact page, they wanted to make sure both locations were listed with maps to both.  SquareHook allows anyone to add Google Maps, by adding a ‘square.’


These were great customers and we were sure pleased with the clean look and feel we achieved, while keeping the requirements within the promotional website specs.

Contact us if you would be interested in getting in on our free website promotion.  We are so happy to help out any and all of our local business owners.