We Absolutely LOVE Do-It-Your-Selfers!

We always get the warm fuzzies when we see people building their own sites out with the SquareHook Tool. So we had to share! Dallas owns a Carbon Cleaning Distributor Center here in Utah. He used our Flattern Theme.

He got to use all the assets from Carbon Cleaning’s website, which makes putting a site together SO MUCH easier. 🙂

Dallas did reach out to us with a couple questions regarding some styling issues he was having. We jumped at the opportunity to help out!  That’s what we do here at SquareHook. We are around to assist you, if you are building out your site. Sometimes, you need a helping hand. Contact us!

Check out that mobile site!  Gorgeous! Every website on the SquareHook tool looks great on any device. Think, this could be your business/personal site! #daretodream

EventLab Showcased Their Talents

We had a serious pleasure working with the team over at EventLab.  Doug and Danny have been visionaries for decades, and they brought their creativity to their new site. We love clients with vision!

They had a great video made by their friends from Cornerstone in place of a scrolling banner.  EventLab wanted scrolling words that represented their business, to let their site visitors know what they were about. 

The EventLab Team was very intentional with their color choice.  They kept imagery and font very clean and simple.  They obviously had incredible visuals that accentuates their contemporary site. 

They didn’t want to overwhelm their readers with too much content, so we made their talking points accordion down if site visitors scrolled over the service icons. It definitely kept their home page more clean and easy to maneuver. 

EventLab has an ever growing gallery of gorgeous work. They can continue to add their imagery into their gallery, and rearrange the order as their projects come to fruition. 

Their potential clients could click on any of the images to get a much grander shot of their work and continue to scroll through the gallery. Because, let’s face it, their images are too beautiful to not show off!

EventLab was very conscious about having their clients contact them if they had questions.  So they had a contact-us feature readily available. The home page has a call to action to be contacted.  We also built out a phone icon on all pages, that when scrolled over their phone number populates.  So there is no question how to contact them. 

This site is, as all of our sites are, completely mobile. When Doug and Danny are meeting with a potential client, they can pull up their phone to talk about their work, or reference something directly. 

We hope they are as happy as this site is beautiful!  We love working with clients who have big ideas and visuals to support it. If you are looking to create an incredible site, we are ready to morph your dreams into reality!  Contact our team at any time. 

Get Found On GOOGLE and BING Easier With Our SEO Functionality!

Our SquareHook tool is awesome!  We have a killer FREE feature that allows our clients to put in their own SEO, and customize any and every webpage they have—making it easier for website visitors to find you!

Check out our brief How-To video HERE

Under the PAGE SETTINGS, you can adjust your SEO settings.  You can populate Focus Keywords, and add a meta description.  A meta description is a brief synopsis of what you would find on that specific web page.


A search engine will recognize and display these explanations, and reward you for customizing your site with more details=higher rankings=more people find your site easier!

We also have a nifty function where you can add an image Alt Tag to any image found on your site. Which again, is a benefit to your website and your rankings.


Once you have built out your site, you can go in and set up you free SEO in your SquareHook website.

You’re Welcome! 

Stay tuned for more basic how-to features we offer!

Your Chiropractor Site Can Have It All! Just Ask HealthQuest.

When we were introduced to the doctors over at HealthQuest, they told us they wanted their site to be updated and informative.  Their site visitors were frequently potential or existing clients, so they wanted them to have available resources to help them.


While many chiropractor sites aren’t the most exciting websites on the Internet, we were confident that our design would be one people would remember and associate to talented medical professionals that care about their clients.  Not only that, but people could access it on their smartphones on the go, or while waiting for their appointment.

Believe it or not, we used the DODGEBALL THEME as our base to get this beautiful site up and running.


Dr Cox wanted an Ask A Doctor feature that allows curious visitors to ask specific questions that would go straight him.  Right underneath the feature we placed a live feed of the most recent articles posted on their blog.


Like with many medical websites, there was a lot of information that was available for site visitors to consume.  But with that amount of heavy content, there had to be a way to manage giving the information to a reader without overwhelming them. 

On the FAQ page, we added a click and dropdown feature that only showed the questions.  If an inquiring visitor wanted to know the answer, they only need to click on the questions to have the answer dropdown to become available.


With the Services Page, we separated the content into more easy to read and access columns, so readers can choose where to look and consume information.


We converted their old articles into our blogging tool, so they can blog about any topic they want, whenever they feel like it. 


When converting over to our tool, you don’t have to worry about all of your articles posting on the same day.  Our blogging tool allows you to backpost the publish date to whenever you’d like.


We are thrilled with the final product for HealthQuest.  They have the ability to update their website whenever they want, so as their practice evolves, so can their site along with them.

If you’re looking to update your existing site, or looking to start building one, contact us today, or get started building your own website for free now!

Our First Salt Lake Meetup Was Awesome!

Thanks so much to all those who attended our first Meetup: Learn to Build Your Own Website! 

We had a wonderful turnout of guests.  We broke bread (more like The Pie Pizza) and discussed tools to help build your online presence.

A few topics we discussed included:

There were a lot of great questions asked, and we were so pumped to answer them.  Hope all those who attended enjoyed it, and got something out of it.  We look forward to our next few meetups.  We have a couple events in September.

  1. Our first Meetup is going to be held on Wednesday, September 11th–This specific meetup is solely for building sites using our platform.  This class is to help people get an idea of how a CMS tool works, so they can figure out what may work for them.
  2. Our second Meetup is going to be held on Wednesday, September 25th–This meetup will have a local marketing firm come and talk about how to improve your SEO, and create a stronger presence online. We will also be discussing ways to build your site.

Both classes should be filled with lots of great information and learning opportunities!