You Have Something to Say.  Share Your Blog With the World.

Quickly and easily get setup to share your thoughts and articles on the web. 

Be Informative!

SquareHook has every user in mind, that's why we have created a number of options for you to choose from, when it comes to showcasing a blog or news on your website!

Our blog offering features not 1, but 3 options for you to choose from-all free to use!  We offer our custom SquareHook blog, and complete blog integration with Blogger or Tumblr, so you won't have to worry about losing existing content.  

The SquareHook Blogging Tool: Simply title your post, and get typing.  Our blog feature is easy and super intuitive!

Or you can setup a new blog, using the SquareHook blogging tool! Our custom SquareHook blog allows the user to customize publish dates, customize brief descriptions for your posts to improve SEO for that individual blog post.


Want more than one blog?  Oh yeah, you can make as many blogs as you want with our tool!


Advance SEO Features

Each website and page has advanced SEO features so you can optimize each for search engines.

Familiar Text Editor


Manage your text on your website with a familiar word-style text editor.

All your readers can read your blog- no matter their smart-device!

You can add tags, customize your publish date, or add a brief description to any post.   And all of it is mobile friendly!  Your blog will be accessible on any mobile device.  


Choose from 3 different blogging options:

  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • SquareHook Blog