A New, Smart Site for a Talented Artist

One of our current clients reached out to us to create a personal site for his side business and passion. He is showcasing at Sundance, Park City, Utah this winter, and wanted to have an online presence immediately-to make available for patrons to view his work.

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Show Off Your Art Portfolio With One of Our Beautiful Templates

Our templates are perfect for any artist out there!  We should know, our Creative Director uses our Clean Canvas Theme


We create our templates with the idea that any type of business can use any template to fit their needs.

When Ai began creating her site, she certainly thought about what she wanted to showcase.  For many artists, her site was just a tip of the iceberg of what she is capable of doing. So key features were highlighted around her site.


Ai Mitton Design’s website homepage featured a number of fun features, including a rotating banner, an uploaded Vimeo video, link off to sited websites, and lots of great imagery and text.  All of which, any SquareHook website creator can do!

On her Photography page, she used a portfolio gallery to showcase a bit of her work. 


Our gallery feature is so great because you can categorize topics, so when a user clicks on a specific topic, the gallery interacts with you, to narrow down your search!


If you want to showcase videos you have created, we have a fabulous video upload feature that works with any YouTube or Vimeo video.  Just paste in your desired URL, and your videos will populate:


Ai Mitton Designs used this feature to showcase her animations and other videos.

Any good business person needs a way to be reached!  Our form builder is great because you can customize any form to whatever you’d like.  Ai Mitton Designs used this feature to learn more about her potential client’s needs.  You can add dropdowns, check boxes, and even a captcha if you’d like.


And like any ever changing site, Ai Mitton Designs incorporated their Blog.  You don’t have to lose years of posts to incorporate a blog.  Or you can start from scratch and blog straight from our software. The SquareHook CMS tool allows you to incorporate a Blogger, Tumblr, or create a SquareHook Blog.

We encourage any artist who wants to showcase their work to the world to try our tool for free!  Today!  Or you can contact us if you like a bit of guidance or want someone else to build your site for you.  We do that too. 🙂