Around Salt Lake Realtor Brings Mobile To Home Search

Blake Keiser of Around Salt Lake came to us to create more than a real estate website.  He wanted us to build him a source for clients or site visitors to benefit from his realtor knowledge, but be informed of the latest and greatest of all that is around Salt Lake.


This realtor wanted to keep people up-to-date with the best food around town, where to go skiing and mountain biking, and events that may be worth checking out.

Blake needed individual blogs!  SquareHook’s CMS tool allows users the ability to create innumerable blogposts on whatever topic you may want. Which made it easier for him to categorize.


We incorporated his IDX broker account, so people can search properties around Utah.  And with him serving Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties-we specified the listings search.

With our CMS tool, people can customize any and every form you may want.  Which is great for Blake.  He offers a monthly newsletter trivia which he changes monthly. And he can track whoever answers his trivia question, so he can reward his monthly winner!


He was even able to add custom SEO settings into his website, for every individual page, so he could improve his search functionality.


Our CMS allows our clients the ability to update their site 24/7.  So when Blake has something to share, he can login to his site and add a new article or neigborhood listing-without having to ask someone else for help.

If you are looking to manage your own site, contact us!  We love working on any an all sites!

Using Free Images On Your Site-It Can Be Done!

Using free images on your blogs or content authors has made online writing all the more easy to find great images to draw your readers in.

We often get clients who want to keep up regular blogs.  They assume that they can grab whatever images they want because the Internet is free right? (note our sarcasm here)  Blogging is a very unique beast.  Blogging isn’t often done for marketing purposes, so there are some leniencies on use of imagery.  But to play it safe and getting authorized imagery should be a best practice.


But to play it safe, there are lots of image-use alternatives.   Frequently, you can use beautiful imagery for free, by referencing the artist.  It is a great tradeoff for relevant images. You can embed the image into a blog, or site them by hand.

Here are a few great providers of imagery with site stipulations:



Getty Images

** Word of Caution: with the new free images being offered, an artist can revoke their images at any times, so be aware and monitor your site to be sure you don’t have gaps where your images once were. There are other caveats, so be sure to note the legal use of imagery

Get Some Basic SEO Features On Your Site

We have so many inquiring clients ask about SEO.  What is it, how can I get it, and what does it cost?

Just as one can define how to improve your SEO, the answers can vary. 

So many people are looking to become, “number one on Google” for their specific business.  But ranking on the first page of Google or any other search engine does take time AND persistence. 

We have reached out to many marketers and SEO firms over the time we have been in business, and their responses also varied.  But there were a few answers that were unanimous:

  1. Stay consistent on Google Place Listings and other Top Citation Links
  2. Update your content regulary
  3. Focus on SEO Keywords

We wanted to focus on these all briefly. 

Stay consistent on Google Place Listings and other Top Citation Links

We mentioned in one of our recent posts, how to get your business linked on top citation links so we will skip past that recommendation.

Update Your Content

One of the best ways to improve your SEO for free is by consistently adding new, relevant content to your site.  A WONDERFUL solution for this is by keeping an updated blog.  You can update your website blog regularly to add new and interesting content.  Search engines recognize your content as unique and changing–that increases your SEO. 

Don’t forget while adding your new content, to add reputable links.  Don’t be scared to have a user jump away from your page to see a URL you linked.  If your linkee sees the shout out, they very well may shout out back. 🙂  That also increases your SEO, being found on multiple web sources.

SquareHook creates three options to integrate a blog into a website.  Clients can embed an existing Blogger account, a Tumblr account, or clients can create a blog using our SquareHook blog tool. Clients can quickly and easily add and edit blog posts.

Easily embed a Tumblr or Blogger account, or create a blog using our SquareHook Blogging tool

Easily add new posts to you SquareHook Blog

Focus Keywords

It can be tricky to decide what keywords to use, but it’s important to remember, you can change them down the road.

Our tool includes a functionality that is complete inclusive, where you can add in keywords or a meta descriptions to customize your SEO.  BEST PART–you can edit it if you don’t see the results!

Easily add in SEO elements to any page under the Page Settings to generate better SEO for your website.

Not everyone has a big budget to pay for an outsourced marketing firm.  But with patience and consistency, you can improve your SEO.  These are just a few free steps that will improve your SEO.  All you need is to have have a little extra time on your hands, and it can be the difference between ranking on page 1 and page 12 (where no one really looks)

If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do on the SquareHook tool, contact us.  We love to answer any and all questions!

Landcapers Can Make Websites Too-With SquareHook Promotion!

Wednesday Web Design: AeraGreen, Inc.

With our promotion, we have had the opportunity to put together some really diverse business websites.  A wonderful new client reached out to get a more editable, updated landscaping website.  He had a website built on another CMS tool, but he had a really difficult time editing his content.  We took a look at his previous site, and thought the YOKO THEME would do the trick.


His biggest need was to make sure he had a call to action on each web page.  So we made sure there was a form on every page for clients to get a hold of their company.


Once a clients submits a form, it notifies the business that an inquiry was made.  Our CMS also stores received messages in the database, so you can keep track of clients that have expressed interest, for potential marketing purposes.

Aera Green Inc’s owner also wanted a blog, so he could share relevant seasonal outdoor information.  He is now able to blog whenever he wants to provide landscaping how-to’s and news.  Keeping a steady blog also helps improve your SEO search, because of relevant, new content. Because, let’s face it-because you likely have a lot of competitors, you need to find a way to rank on search engines.


Our client was pumped with the quick turn around, and the ease of use to update his content.  We were also pleased with how it looked.  Both on a desktop, and a mobile device. 🙂


To check out our other beautiful, versatile websites-click HERE