We Are Not Wonder Woman, but We Can Save the Day For Clients

Monticello City contacted us a
few weeks back, in a serious pickle. Their previous site went down
suddenly, and couldn’t be brought back up. They asked that we get something
back up immediately. We used Way Back Machine to gather content from
their own site. 

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We Answered the SOS for Machinery Consultants

Machinery Consultants came to us in a panic.  Their site was seriously malfunctioning, and needed help rebuilding it-FAST!  Long story short, we swooped in to assist.  We knocked out a pretty sweet site for them that they can edit at their leisure.


Their top priority was to have their Used Machines page updated with their entire inventory. Luckily, our eCommerce feature made it easy us to put in their 70+ listed machines.  They could tag  the products, based on machine type or manufacturer.  We created a filtering feature that allowed users to narrow down their search.


On the individual product page, we embedded their YouTube videos and specs.  Anyone working in the eCommerce tool can add any number of tabs to differentiate the product.  The eCommerce feature also has a rotating carousel, where they can add as many images as they’d like.


Machinery Consultants wanted to add an image gallery of previously sold machines.  They can add in images at their leisure. Anyone could add a description of the product and users can select a picture to learn more.

They even integrated a blog to showcase their monthly specials.  That way, their clients can peruse easily before calling Machinery Consultants to discuss a machine.

Now their staff can continue to grow their site as their inventory grows, and remove products as they are sold. Awesome!

If you have a site that needs a quick re-haul, looking to build one from scratch, or do a site conversion-we are your source! We love to offer free help to those independent site builder too!  Contact us for help!

YardBird Restaurant’s Website Is Absolutely Mouth-watering!

Working on food websites is always such a treat for us-literally.  We get to stare at food all day.  What’s better than that?!?  And working on YardBird was no different, except for the fact that the site made us really bummed-in that we couldn’t be stuffing our faces with their food at that very moment.


Owner, and master of the meals, Wendell, was one of our 10-Week Course Attendees this last session.  He wanted to create his restaurant website, and was looking for some guidance. When he told us of his vision, we thought that the LOVE theme could offer the simplicity and class he was going for.


Everything was cake after that!  Wendell had some incredible food imagery–PICTURES THAT HE TOOK ON HIS PHONE!  Can you believe it?!?!  We certainly couldn’t!  They looked professionally shot. We worked with him to build out a fun, easy to navigate website with splashes of his gorgeous photos throughout.


Wendell created a blog through the SquareHook blogging feature. He wanted to post the latest dishes he was creating/dabbling for the menu.  The images alone will get you to click to read more. Seriously, I’m wiping the saliva forming at my mouth as I type this post.


We showed him how to integrate a gallery so he could show off his main entrées, appetizers, and desserts so people could find out more.  What is more helpful in your order-making-decision at a restaurant than seeing food come out of the kitchen door?  Having these food options on his site, will make the ordering process that much faster at YardBird, because people could already know what they want-before they even come in for a meal.  Pictures do speak a thousand words, after all.


The SquareHook drag and drop interface made it easy for Wendell to create an attractive menu page.  Adding columns and rows with the click of a button allowed him the ease of adding in his dishes.

We are so proud of Wendell and the work he put into his website!  We enjoyed helping him throughout his web building experience-he did a great job. It looks good enough to eat!  We can’t wait for his restaurant to open. We have big eating plans when it does!  If you’re looking to build a website and need a little hand-holding or recommendations, that’s what we’re here for.  Contact us to find out how you can build the best mobile website out there!

Check Out California SportScapes’ New Website

Our great friends over at Sport Court LA began working with a super talented landscape architect to offer even more fantastic services to showcase their Sport Court….so they OBVIOUSLY needed a website that let people know of their availability for their clients. California SportScapes wanted something put together immediately-especially with summer just around the corner!  They wanted clean, and easy to navigate….FLATTERN THEME it is!

Their About Us page featured their fantastic Landscape Architect, Taryn.  They wanted to keep it simple, with a bio and contact information for her. Our text editor allows website creators the ability to hyperlink to emails or other websites.

They of course, had to show off their awesome client work gallery, so we incorporated a Portfolio page to showcase their courts and putting green designs. As they complete more projects, they can easily add their imagery to their work gallery, to give potential clients more samples of their lovely landscape work.

They kept their contact page simple and to the point.  SportScapes wanted to keep their contact form basic and to the point, so their landscape architect team could reach out to inquiring customers to chat with them further.

Overall, we’re really pleased with the speed we put this site together for California SportScapes, but we’re even more pumped that their team can easily edit their site at their leisure.  Not only that, but their site is mobile friendly, so they can share client work while meeting with clients on location.  YEAH FOR MOBILE!

Contact us if you’re looking to create something awesome!  Whether your awesomeness is a brand new site, a site redesign, or you’re looking for some free assistance on building your own website.  We’re here to help in any capacity!

We Just Finished a Simply Delectable Website!

We aren’t quite sure what we love more, The Fix’s yummy mixed drinks or their new website! The thought of either one make us smile thinking about it.  We were thrilled to help out this new exploding business!


They have a really basic business–selling drinks, cookies, both together, or selling in large quantities.  Not too difficult…The hard part with The Fix is choosing which fixed drink to pick with all of those delightful options on their menu. We kinda lucked out in building this site, because they have a fun logo/colors, and some seriously fabulous photographs that tell volumes on their own!


The Fix’s popularity is continuing to grow, so they wanted to share all of their recent success with site visitors (can you blame them?) We integrated our blogging feature to do just that.  They can highlight reviews and latest happenings directly on their website.


Let’s face it, they have some gorgeous photos, and what better place to showcase them by on Instagram? We integrated a fun widget that shows the latest posts streaming directly from their Instagram account. So when they add a photo to IG, it feeds right into this page.


The Contact Us page is
really simple, and gets right to the point.  Customers interested in
working with The Fix can easily fill out their form to let them know if
they want to place a large order, franchise with them, or feature them
in a blog or article review.


If you happen to be quenched and looking for a refreshing drink at a a killer price, you should check out The Fix in Draper, Utah. Looking at their menu and cookie pages will get your mouth watering right away!

Contact us if you’re a new business, looking for direction on your site, or looking for some help!  We’d love to build your site, or give you the free tools to build it yourself!

Start Off the New Year With a New Website!!


One of our latest clients took advantage of our promotional website before it ended, and they had a site liked and wanted to mirror. She put all her trust in us to make this site happen.  After checking out what Jodie wanted to emulate, we knew right away that the LOVE THEME would be the perfect contender. 


We made a couple design adjustments to the theme to create it!  Hair stylist Jodie wanted a clean, organized website that got straight to the point. Jodie wanted to introduce herself and showcase her background.


Jodie wanted to let people know that she accepted client bookings, so we linked potential clients right over to her booking signups. We did this with both a link, and a click-able button.


This mobile version is fantastic, and the social media links have been enlarged.  That way, people can immediately check out Jodie’s latest client photos, social media updates, and promotions by selecting any icon.


We are stoked about how rad and sleek this site turned out. If you’re interested in taking advantage our mad skills, whether that be help in building or a one on one training, contact us!

Why You Can and Should Drag and Drop In Your Website

With the growth of CMS options, you can create your own website easier than ever before.  And we’d like to pride ourselves by saying our recent Drag and Drop editor additions have made it even easier to create your own responsive website.

Do you even know what drag and drop means? Here’s a quick synopsis!

We have added columns and rows to our editor to make it even easier to create a look and feel in our Twitter Bootstrap grid system for you to easily place your imagery and content. We have created a quick video about what adding columns and rows can do!

We also offer one-on-one trainings, in-house or virtually!  If you are looking for additional assistance, contact us by calling 801-386-9828 or emailing us at [email protected] We’re here to help make your site building experience the best it can be!

Customizing Websites Is Easy With the SquareHook Website Builder!

Our clients over at Utah Pain Relief Institute had a fun challenge for us.  Their vision of what they wanted their site to look like was truly a test of what our tool can do! They wanted a certain look and feel that could be converted into a website that looked great on a mobile device.

We added a sidebar drop down as their secondary navigation to the left, so the background images could be showed off, and make the user experience a little easier to navigate.  We also incorporated images into the background.

Editing the site is easy with our column row editor.  You can select the arrows to move right or left of up or down.  It is a great way to quickly move your content and imagery around to where you’d like it.



They have a number of locations, so laying it out in our editor was easy.  The team over at UPRI can edit their contact page whenever-if they every have to add a new location, or tweak an address if they moved locations.  They of course, have a form they created on their tool so they can receive inquiries from curious site visitors.

Their site looks super great on mobile as well, with a unique right aligned menu.  We’re really pleased with the end site we created for this medical practice.

If you’re interested in giving your website a little face lift, we’re up for the task!  Contact us to see what we can do for you!  Or get started today, building your own amazing mobile website!

Finding the Perfect Theme For YOUR WEBSITE

We’ve been doing a bit of website inventory as of late, and took notice how versatile our themes truly are!

Here are 4 VERY DIFFERENT websites, all selling/promoting/advertising/showcasing something completely unique.  But they have one thing in common: they used the SAME THEME as their base!

All of these sites had different motives, a different user experience, and a special look-all their own.  We certainly find ourselves bragging that any one of our themes could work for you.  We have even taken the time to make recommendations on templates, depending on what your website represents, or a look you may be going for.

We let you know what a template is capable of, so you can get a better idea of what would work perfect for your website!  We also tagged each theme with a search functionality, so if you can’t quite decide what you’re going for-that may help narrow it down for you. 🙂

If you have a certain template you like, but can’t quite envision what it could turn into, contact us.  We’d be more than happy to help you get a better idea about what your site could transform into.

Fun Summer Themed Website For a Funloving Shaved Ice Shack

We had a ton of fun putting together this delightful free website!  We hear the words, ‘shaved ice,’ and besides #mmmmmm #foodporn, we think color and summer. 

We stumbled across Little Cow Shaved Ice on Groupon and noticed their website link wasn’t working. A SquareHook member contacted them to let them know it wasn’t working, and it just so turns out they had been hoping to create a new site, but didn’t have the time.  It was serendipitous, to say the least.  We let them in on our website promotion, and they were ready to let us use our creative juices! 


We were able to throw in their 30+ flavors and pricing onto the website as easily as it is for them to throw us together a tigersblood little cow!  Best thing about this page?  They can edit their flavors if they have new ones, and they can alter their prices as their demand grows!  They don’t have to call us, or pay someone to edit any page on their site, it is theirs to control and edit at any time of day!


Their mobile version is killer-easy to view and navigate, making it an awesome experience!  This is great for their target audience, people out and about looking for a shaved ice shack throughout Davis County, Utah.


If you’re looking for a great looking site for your new startup, or seasoned business-we’re here to help!  Contact us! We will answer any and all of your questions regarding building a website, or options you may want to consider when putting together your website.