You CAN Build a Website to Reach Your Target Audience-Ask Victim or Victor?

While hosting our monthly meetup, we met a stellar gal named Shayne.  She wanted to learn more about creating a web presence, from social media sharing to google analytics, and of course how to build a website.  Shayne told us she had ZERO experience with web design and she was at a point in her business, that she knew she needed to have a Victim of Victor? website to grow her following.

Our website promotion had her interest peaked, and after discussing what kind of look she was going for, we knew that ‘THREE SHEARS LIGHT’ was right up her alley for a starting point!


She wanted her VOV site to be both feminine and empowering. So we incorporated coloring and imagery to reflect that.   Shayne also wanted ever-changing messages that had great images and quotes that represented her self defense and empowerment message.  So we added a rotating banner that she can change on the fly.  If she wants to replace new images or quotes out for old ones, Shayne can!


Our client also very much wanted to provide information and inspiration throughout her site.  Her site needs required the capabilities to handle a substantial amount of files.  Luckily, she came to the right place! 

The SquareHook tool gives its users the ability to easily upload files into the tool, so they can be referenced, provide printable forms, and links to pertinent information.


If our client finds some new interesting articles, she can now easily add a file and link it throughout her site.  It doesn’t require her to call another to do if for her.  Our tool was built with the user in mind-creating an ease of use, for everyone.


Like every client we work with, we walked her through how to edit and manage her website.  We want every SquareHook client comfortable with our tool so they feel confident enough to edit their own site.  SquareHook is always available for assistance if further questions are needed.

To check out some of our other great templates, click here.  And remember, all of these templates are customizable to fit your design needs!   Contact us if you have questions about our tool or are interested in learning more about how to build your own website.

Have Courage: You CAN Build Your Own Website

There are many wonderful CMS tools out there.  We personally, have a bias towards our own. As far as do-it-yourself website building, there are options for any variety of skill level.  We’ve discussed the importance of knowing what you want in your website before you decide to build it.  With constant change in our world’s growing technologies, it’s pretty clear that building a website no longer needs to cost an arm and a leg.  There are alternatives to hiring someone to build you a site…because….with all these technologies available…you CAN build a website yourself! 

We just wanted to point out why building your own site is a great idea, and why you should consider it.  In fact, we’ll give you 5 reasons why!


1. It’s Cost Effective

You don’t have to invest hundreds, or thousands of dollars into a website, to have a great website!  Many CMS tools are free to use.  Often, companies offer a free version of their prouduct to familiarize yourself with the tools (ie:  If you want to redirect a domain you’ve purchased, CMS tools can run as low as $10/month.  This often includes hosting, which makes it a deal that is hard to pass up.


2. You Can Work At Your Own Pace

Not sure what you want to put into a certain page?  No worries!  Is there a programmer hounding you for your website content?  Not if you’re building your own site.  If you hit a website builder’s block, you can take a break and get back to it when your ready.  There’s no rush.  If you hate a page you put together, you can delete it and start fresh.  You move as quick as you’d like.


3. You Have 100% Creative Freedom

When you use a CMS tool, you can do whatever you want to your website.  You don’t have to call a programmer to fix your content.  You can do it yourself whenever–wherever–with–WHOEVER.  You are the ‘who’ in this scenario.  You won’t get pushed into a design or theme that you don’t want.


4. 24/7 Support

SquareHook is always available to answer questions about editing your website.  We pride ourselves on our chat and email submissions.  If you become stuck, we’re here to provide help you when you need us.  We also encourage checking out our SquareHook Help Center for useful diagrams and guides to creating the most epic website of all time.


5. It’s FUN and EASY

Who doesn’t get a little personal satisfaction building something of their very own?  You can play in our SquareHook CMS–adding and removing, moving and resizing, previewing and deleting…and it’s all up to you!  you can dabble in our drag and drop editor and create your own online store!  Customize the colors to your liking, or switch out your template when the seasons change!  You’d be surprised how quickly and easily you can knock out one incredible responsive website with a few drags of your mouse.  And heck-it’s pretty fun.  Building your site gives you all the creative freedom in the world, and it’s all yours!