Get Your Site Back, After Being Hacked!

When your site gets compromised, it is can be a serious labor to get it back up. If you have received “This Site May Be Hacked” message from Google in your Webmaster Tools, or your website displays the same in Google search recently, you need to diligently get that removed. Why is it happening? Google may believe your site has been compromised recently, and is taking extra steps to protect you and your site visitors. Now, you just need to get that notification off. Why?!?

Because it could seriously hurt your SEO ranking AND site visitors may be leery of proceeding to your site with that message. (it’s like the Scarlett Letter)

If your site has been scanned, and your site is working great and this notice is still there, Click HERE on the Google Help. We also posted their steps below:

The “This site may be hacked” notification won’t be removed until the webmaster of the site takes action.

Try these steps to fix your website:

  1. Register and verify your site in Google’s Search Console.


  3. Sign in to Search Console
    and check the “Security Issues” section to see details of sample URLs
    that might be hacked. Fix the security issue that allowed your website
    to be infected. Otherwise, your site is likely to be reinfected.


  5. Read our resources for hacked sites for detailed information on how to fix your website.


  7. Request a review in the Security Issues section in Search Console
    when your entire website is clean and secure. After we check that your
    site is fixed, we’ll remove the “This site may be hacked” message.

Be meticulous, and make sure you have completed these steps. It may take a few days/weeks to get it removed, but that notice isn’t going anywhere–until you let Google know your site is okay.

We all want safe, functional sites. And we just wanted to say sorry that it happened to you. Good luck!

WGP Makes Their Great Deals Accessible on Any Device!

Wasatch Group Purchasing specializes in offering organizations and associations access to an aggressively priced contract portfolio with world class vendors.

WGP is a member-based GPO with member organizations in public and private sectors. The membership for all members is free and voluntary; there is no cost to join and no obligation to participate. They work with national and regional associations to strengthen their membership benefit package.

We thought the MEASURE THEME would be a spectacular choice to showcase some of their vendors.


Their site is really informative, so we kept the styling very clean so the content would speak for itself.


The mobile version looks great–a clean, easy to navigate menu that looks killer on a tablet or smartphone.


On every website page, they have a link to their Registration Page.

We’re Taking a Look Back at SquareHook Over 2014

2014 has been our best year yet, here at SquareHook!  As we have grown and expanded, so has our reputation and product offering.

We have been working away, you may say comparable to Santa’s Workshop elves.  We have been GOING!  We have added tons of incredible features to the tool this year.  We can’t even believe how much we’ve improved the SquareHook CMS in just one year.

We wanted to share with you some of our product highlights, and features that have grown and expanded over this year!


Our team has been hard at work testing, developing, and testing some more to get our eCommerce piece out there to the masses this year. We’ve seen many incredible SquareHook stores’ traffic explode as shoppers flock to their online stores already.  What does the creation of our new eCommerce mean to you, our SquareHook clients?

  • You can easily add an unlimited number of products with different variations, depending on what you’re store is offering.
  • Our website builder has it all—do it yourself capabilities, along with the eCommerce functionality.
  • Your site visitors have an even easier shopping experience-both on desktop, and more importantly, on mobile!
  • You will save money on payment processing, by avoiding some expensive processing companies out there.  We have a number of different payment processing options for you to choose from!

HELP Book and New HELP Videos

As we are constantly updating our feature list on our website, we have a lot of new secrets to making your site the best it can be!
Our team has put together an all inclusive help book to assist you in your website creation journey.  In it, you can learn everything there is to know about adding images, content, hyperlinks, duplicating pages, adding videos, embedding or creating a blog from scratch!  It is a great supplemental tool to assist anyone when they may be stuck.
And, as always, our help website is here as a supplemental tool for you as well.    We’ve also had to remake our How-To videos to make it easier for our clients to follow along while they build their website.


We just recently built this into our tool, for larger businesses that really need it for their company and employees. With our Intranet, you can customize a page, as to whether or not a certain role can access it or not. You can assign users (employees for example) to a role, like HR, Admin, or Employee. 

What’s different from using SquareHook for an Intranet vs using a home grown internet?  Our tool is ready to go.  You can create your companies intranet and be up and running now.  You can control access and build your intranet with all the power of a content management system.  You can also customize and adjust information, charts, table and communication without a programmer.  

In addition to an company intranet, you can have a customer intranet.  With our e-commerce engine you can even create a unique shopping experience for customers.  You can provide a platform for discounts easily. 


Earlier this year we added SEO customization under Page Settings in the Editor.  Clients can easily add Focus Keywords, SEO Titles, and meta descriptions for EVERY page within your website.  We added a new Alt Tag functionality you can add to your images….all of it improve your SEO search!  You’re welcome.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!  We are excited to see what 2015 has in store!!

Get Found On GOOGLE and BING Easier With Our SEO Functionality!

Our SquareHook tool is awesome!  We have a killer FREE feature that allows our clients to put in their own SEO, and customize any and every webpage they have—making it easier for website visitors to find you!

Check out our brief How-To video HERE

Under the PAGE SETTINGS, you can adjust your SEO settings.  You can populate Focus Keywords, and add a meta description.  A meta description is a brief synopsis of what you would find on that specific web page.


A search engine will recognize and display these explanations, and reward you for customizing your site with more details=higher rankings=more people find your site easier!

We also have a nifty function where you can add an image Alt Tag to any image found on your site. Which again, is a benefit to your website and your rankings.


Once you have built out your site, you can go in and set up you free SEO in your SquareHook website.

You’re Welcome! 

Stay tuned for more basic how-to features we offer!

Landcapers Can Make Websites Too-With SquareHook Promotion!

Wednesday Web Design: AeraGreen, Inc.

With our promotion, we have had the opportunity to put together some really diverse business websites.  A wonderful new client reached out to get a more editable, updated landscaping website.  He had a website built on another CMS tool, but he had a really difficult time editing his content.  We took a look at his previous site, and thought the YOKO THEME would do the trick.


His biggest need was to make sure he had a call to action on each web page.  So we made sure there was a form on every page for clients to get a hold of their company.


Once a clients submits a form, it notifies the business that an inquiry was made.  Our CMS also stores received messages in the database, so you can keep track of clients that have expressed interest, for potential marketing purposes.

Aera Green Inc’s owner also wanted a blog, so he could share relevant seasonal outdoor information.  He is now able to blog whenever he wants to provide landscaping how-to’s and news.  Keeping a steady blog also helps improve your SEO search, because of relevant, new content. Because, let’s face it-because you likely have a lot of competitors, you need to find a way to rank on search engines.


Our client was pumped with the quick turn around, and the ease of use to update his content.  We were also pleased with how it looked.  Both on a desktop, and a mobile device. 🙂


To check out our other beautiful, versatile websites-click HERE

Meetup: Learn to Build Your Own Website and Learn About SEO

SquareHook hosted our third Meetup group last night.  We had such an amazing turnout!  Thanks to all those who came, and we missed all those would couldn’t make it.

Chris Kilbourn from TOFU Marketing, a full-service Internet Marketing Company came to share his vast knowledge of SEO and what it takes to create a greater presence online.  There was a lot of great discussion and q & a. We are so grateful for what he shared and hope it was beneficial to all those who were there. 🙂

To learn more about what our meetups are all about, contact us!  Our next meetup will be held on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013.

If you’re interested in more about SEO, check out Chris and his company.

Google and Bing and Yahoo Oh My!

In the 1950’s you probably would have been tossed into jail for Googling somebody, but in our modern tech world most of us are doing it daily.  Google is a household name and according to recent statistics, is responsible for over 66% of all web searches.  That’s a lot of searches when you consider nearly 8 billion searches are being made daily on the web!  

Google has been the dominate search engine for years now and accordingly businesses and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms are always trying to crack the code of being #1 in relevant search results.  Most companies will spend their money and efforts on improving Google rankings, but what about other popular search engines?  Although a distant 2nd, and 3rd Bing and Yahoo still collectively make up nearly 1/3 of all web searches.  

So what’s the moral of our web search story?  Ignoring your results on these other popular search engines could mean you are missing out on opportunities to get more customers.  The bottom line is to be aware.  If you are testing and trying to find your business in a search engine, take the time to test ALL the major platforms.  If you have a professional SEO firm working for you, ask about their knowledge of other search engines and make sure all opportunities for getting found on the web are being exploited.  

For now it doesn’t look like Google is going anywhere, but who knows, maybe someday we’ll be turning other tech terms into risqué sounding verbs.  Have a wonderful day and enjoy Binging yourself!