Let Us Give Your Site a Nip & Tuck!

We are advocates for change–change in color, font, and often times, design. We like anybody, understands to stay competitive, you have to be a forward thinker.  Especially with technology changing and evolving so quickly. To get the best response from your clients, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. We have been working with the wonderful people at Sport Court for several years now, and have worked one on one with their individual dealers across the United States as well.

They came to us with a new request: help them update their dealer site template, so they can apply it across the dealers.


We worked along side the EKR Agency to get the visuals the way Sport Court wanted. We just loved what they wanted to capture–clean, straight forward, way less text (everyone loves more pictures, and less text on a site!) all while using the SquareHook tool to build it out-AND to keep the individual dealers in mind! Sport Court West was the dealer who was ready to make the change, and change they did!


Using the Drag and Drop Editor, we were able to add in the beautiful visuals, along with the content, so dealers can easily customize their site so it is specific to them!  Obviously, west coast sport dealers sell more putting greens, while the east coast definitely has the market for roller sports/ice hockey.  We needed the template to be universal enough that the site was uniform, but with the customization function for each dealer to showcase sport court flooring they designed and installed.

We can go in and train each dealer how to customize their site with new content, bios, and images to make sure their site is special to them, all while having Sport Court’s seal of approval!

The Gallery is probably one of our favorite features. People aren’t going to make such an investment without doing a little research, and that includes checking out the merchandise!

The Gallery lets you search based on sport/family/facility. From there you can continue to filter your search! You can go ahead and Pin that sport court if you like- add it to your DREAM HOME Board. 🙂

The BEST part, is on the dealers’ side. SC Dealers can upload their latest images, and add in the filtering right there-just add the keywords in! The SH editor does all the hard work for them. So the filtering is a total dream!

The Form Builder is also wonderful!  They can collect the information that is critical to make a connection with an inquiring client! So clean and crisp!

The mobile version is SO NICE!  It is so basic, it makes the user experience extra fantastic!  They do say to keep it simple, and simple is just perfect in this case!

We hope Sport Court West loves their new site as we do!  We know that they will adore the ease of use of the SquareHook tool, and the customization options that are at their fingertips!

Contact us if you are interested in a little business website nip/tuck. We PROMISE, a seriously good looking website is something we take seriously, and so will your clients!

Mastercraft Just Mastered the Mobile Website

Mastercraft Sports Flooring came to us with a desire to update their family owned flooring installation business website. They loved the look of one of their partners, Connor Sports; and wanted to have a similar look, but customized to their logo and coloring. It was such a pleasure to help them up-the-anty with a new site for the new season!

We added in their client work into a photo Gallery page. They had tons of beautiful images of East Coast Universities, high schools, and non-profits.  Our portfolio feature allows any site creator the ability to add in images, descriptions about the image, and it is clickable so you can see a close up shot.

Our sweet editor allows you to customize any page, to make content more interesting, but adjusting colors, adding imagery, video . On their Gym Maintenance page and About Us page, they did just that!

Their site is completely mobile-friendly!  Their potential clients can view their site via smartphone, desktop, or tablet. They don’t have to worry about people having issues reading content or viewing images of their client work.

If you’re looking to create, update, or innovate your website, we can help!  We love getting our creative juices flowing. Contact us today to get started.  We help clients and new SquareHook users alike.  We show you how to create and manage your own website.

Connor Sports Needed a Website Upgrade, So They Called SquareHook


After completing the Sport Court website, we had a great concept of how their sister company Connor Sport’s website would look. Connor Sports really wanted to make sure this site was informative to people involved in athletic sports flooring-coaches, church and community groups, schools and universities to name a few.


On the home page, we integrated a sweet tab feature, so people can click through a number of categories, get a little bit of information and in turn get directed right to where they are looking for answers.


Connor Sports has been around for over a century, so there was no pressure in highlighting moments in their business history. 🙂  We integrated a great dropdown feature, to minimize the amount of content a site visitor would immediately see on the website. They could select a year and the commentary will pop down.


Connor Sports as well as Sports Court produce a number of great videos showcasing their products, happy clients, and large events that use their products. They wanted to make all of their videos available to site visitors. We integrated a sweet feature that embeds their YouTube/Vimeo videos.  That way, if they add a new video to their channel, it will automatically populate on their videos page.


Connor Sports has a really impressive image gallery, they wanted to make sure their images were searched and categorized so site visitors could find what they were looking for.  We had their gallery separated into 3 sections: products, facilities, and sport.  Selecting any category makes the gallery become interactive and returns what you were searching for!


We integrated our wonderful SquareHook blogging feature as well as integrated their Facebook feed as well on their News page.  This way, they can let people know of the latest and greatest happenings at Connor.


We did accept a challenge on this site, when it came to having an interactive website that was also great on a smart phone!  But this site sure looks awesome on any device.


The Find a Dealer page is great, where a site visitor can type in a zip code and be directed to the nearest dealer.  So they don’t have to search around or be redirected through corporate headquarters to get to the proper person they should talk to.


The team over at Connor Sport are really pleased with the final results.  They can now easily edit their own site, add new content and files whenever.  We must say, we love it too!  Really excited for their dealers to use this site as a reference point for their clientele.

If you’re looking to upgrade your website, and want to impress your competitors, contact us.