Your site probably looks so good because it uses responsive design.

A website using responsive design means that it literally adjusts the site to fit all of the elements beautifully onto your phone.  This means that the site is readjusting itself in real time to make it easy for you to see everything.  The navigation menu that runs across the top will collapse automatically into a button.  When the button is clicked, it will expand into a vertical arrangement of the navigation menu.  Items that were side by side may be stacked on top of each other so all text and pictures remain visible and easily readable.  You will still need to scroll but you are only scrolling up and down - no more side to side and you won't need to pinch-zoom to ready text or find buttons and links.  Ever seen a link or button so tiny that even with tons of zooming it was still hard to make it big enough to get your finger to locate and click?  With responsive design that is a thing of the past.  

A mobile version of a responsive site will collapse the navigation into a drop down button in the upper right corner, as seen above
Expanded view of the responsive navigation menu

Other benefits to responsive sites:  

One site to rule them all!   A responsive site means it was designed from the ground up with mobility in mind.  This pre-planning and proper building of a website will save money, time, and frustration in the long run by simplifying website management.  One site that works everywhere is easiest to maintain.  Changes are made just once and they are reflected on every device.  Also having a website built with SquareHook's tools mean you have easy ways to make simple edits to text, images, forms and anything else.  Imagine the money and time you will save with one website that doesn't need a costly web developer every time a small change is made.  Want to see more websites that use responsive design?  

Try viewing these popular responsive sites on your mobile device, or have them take our mobile test to see responsive design in action: 


SquareHook will help you do just that!